I Can’t Create Facebook Account!! How to do it

Facebook, since its inception has gained popularity among internet users. People waiting for online social media platform with some superlative features found all attributes in Facebook as a mixed bag of possibilities that could have never been thought of by any internet user. Be it is Windows OS, Mac, Android or IOS device, users can easily access their Facebook account and interact with a friend or known ones through browser or app installed on the device irrespective of OS. But before doing all these stuff, an individual need to fill sign up or registration form to create a Facebook account at ease. Facebook account creation is really a simple process as one just needs to just step in online to get registered account by filling the sign up properly before accessing the social networking interface for performing essential tasks.

Though FB account creation is really an easy process that can be completed using a web browser or app installed in PC or Smartphone device but many of them are not aware regarding how to create Facebook Account as they are not aware of the methods and steps to create FB account. They can also contact Facebook helpdesk team by reporting problems when it comes to getting resolution from problems that occur during Facebook business account creation or personal FB account creation. But it’s really a time-consuming process as Facebook customer support team answer the queries of users in a proper manner by enumerating the steps. But the core issue is that majority of them are non-technical as well as inexperienced to create a Facebook account with ease using a web browser or App installed on PC or Android /IOS Smartphone device. FB helpline number could have played a pivotal role in terms of helping users when it comes to helping them to interact with qualified experts within defined time period. But due to its absence, users are facing problems as time is slipping out from their end due to improper assistance offered to them through email or chat support.

How can I create Facebook Account? Methods and Steps Revealed?

For the convenience of users like you, Facebook Inc has revealed methods and steps to create Facebook account in PC and Smartphone implementing properly, user can access Facebook account to send friend request to known ones, create business fan page for propelling business activities, create posts, upload profile image and cover photo, create posts, share images and video on FB wall, send invite to friends to like Facebook fan page with many more activities to follow upon successful creation of Facebook account.

Steps for creation of Facebook Account in Windows OS, Mac, Android and IOS Device

  • Open a favorite web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge by double-clicking on the shortcut icon displayed on Windows or Mac PC &laptop device screen.
  • Once the web browser window is successfully displayed on the screen, type facebook.com and press enter. Wait for the web page to get displayed.
  • As the Facebook login dashboard is displayed, you will find “Create A New Account “option on the screen.
  • Start filling up Create Facebook account form on Windows and Mac device by providing first and last name, phone number or email address as well as secure password along with the date of birth. Don’t forget to select your gender by selecting the same accordingly through radio button.
  • Click the create account button and wait for the new screen to get displayed.
  • As the button is clicked, the verification code is sent to the recovery email address or phone number provided while filling up Facebook account creation with registration or sign-up form.
  • Now provide the code in the box and click on verify button to authenticate the ownership of the Facebook
  • Once it is done, you can successfully login into Facebook account by entering correct login credentials such as email address or registered phone number along with authentic password provided while creating new FB account.

It’s quite sure that you will be able to get proper assistance for Facebook account creation by implementing these above-mentioned steps, no matter even if FB account creation is done through Windows, Mac, Android and IOS devices.



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