How to Protect Facebook Account by Yourself for Amplifying Privacy and Security?

Effective Steps to Secure Your Facebook Account from Getting hacked

Is there a necessity to lock down Facebook account for maximum privacy and security? Does sudden lock-down of Facebook really eliminate all chances of account hacking? If this is true and you are completely in favor to lock the Facebook account for personal security, then we can possibly consider it and share certain steps that can help you in securing the FB account from getting hacked or compromised by cyber-criminals or scammer; who are always in hunt to target the unsecured account with too many loopholes.

Insecure Facebook accounts are highly prone to get compromised as certain settings are disabled that does not let user know if someone unknown  has attempted to access his/her Facebook account. Here are certain steps that will definitely assist you get FB account locked from your end.

  • General settings: Let’s start from here on to secure your Facebook account from general settings. Move your mouse to top right corner of the screen and click on settings. A screen will appear as below:




Or you can opt the option by going straight to the settings page by clicking the FB settings page link or type “” on the favorite browser installed on the desktop or laptop device and select general settings. It’s always suggested to use a separate email address to get registered with FB account as the one which is already used in confidential websites such as linking with bank account if used for Facebook account registration openly gives an opportunity to hackers to fetch all the confidential information related to bank account and other things once Facebook account is hacked successfully.

Provide a secure password as its quite important have a strong security code that can lock the account and keep it safe from scammers or cyber criminals who do not leave any table overturn. The password used for each and every email account along with Facebook should be distinct or unique as the same or similar password of email account, bank account netsecure code and Facebook account can leave you nowhere as hackers can link the things quite easy and make you suffer financial loss as well.

Security Settings: 

On the same page of FB settings, click on the tab security seen in the left column of the web page





  • Enable Login Notifications: This functionality once enabled,  let user know once their Facebook account has been accessed at a particular time.
  • Login Approvals: User need to enter the code sent to him/her through text message on the mobile device incase Facebook does not recognize the device. It is one of the best ways to prevent to secure the account from getting hacked. User can enable text notifications or code generator for Facebook account security.
  • Code Generator: Code generator plays an essential role for user once they access Facebook through mobile app to complete login approval request.
  • Setup list of trusted contacts: It really help users to regain the access of the hacked account once their FB password is not working.
  • Trusted Browsers: Its always recommended to logout after every session of Facebook account as saving the information or going away saving login details on browser of Public PCs is never recommended.

Privacy Settings:

On the same page of FB settings, click on the tab privacy  seen in the left column of the web page



  • Set sharing option of image and videos option with Friends only
  • Access the option activity log as well as make a review of posts you are tagged into.
  • Keep a limit of audience on old posts as it always recommended for profile safety
  • Update your settings keeping in mind; who can send you the friend request. If you want that known people presently not in contact with you, can also send the friends request then set the option to everyone.
  • In case you want basic or strict filtering for your inbox , select the option accordingly
  • Set the option for “Who can look me up though email and phone number” to friends
  • Do not link the Facebook timeline with search engines. In case it is done, uncheck the option from the box of text “Allow search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile”.
  • Timeline and Tagging: In timeline and tagging options shown in the list of tabs, there are certain updates that should as it is in order to save the FB account from hacking:
  • Who can add things to my timeline: Set the option as friends as they can only post on the timeline.
  • Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline: Set the option to On for the particular settings.
  • Who can see things on my Timeline?
    • Who can see posts in which you are already tagged: Set as only me.
    • Who can see what other posts on your timeline: Set as only me
  • How can I manage tags people add and tagging suggestions?
    • Review tags people add to your own posts before the tags appear on Facebook: Set the option as on
    • When you’re tagged in a post, who do you want to add to the audience if they aren’t already in it? Set the option to friends
    • Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded? Set the option to no-one

Blocking :

In the security page of Facebook account, click on blocking tab seen the left corner of your device

In this option, you can manage the people, applications as well as events that are already been blocked from your end in the FB blocking page.



  • It’s really good idea to block those unknown people who are already irritating you with consistent messaging.
  • Also block those friends whose accounts have already been hacked. Unblock them once they retrieve their FB account back.
  • Use the option of restricted lists in case you want to share the posts with some specific people in your friend list except others.
  • Apply the App blocking section to block particular app invitation in case you get persistent invites from the unknown people and friends that irritates a lot.

This Facebook account locking options provided above can really help you in securing your personal or official FB account from malicious attempts .Still case you have any doubts or problems keep cropping up while implementing above mentioned process, then Facebook customer  support team is available for your assistance whenever you need help of any kind.  Facebook helpline phone number launched by independent FB customer service providers is also always active for your immediate assistance and you can dial the same anytime to get resistance from troublesome issues among which FB account hacking is quite prominent.


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