My Facebook Account Not Available!! What’s Exactly Happening?

Some scenarios occur in such a manner that not only disturbs one but shackle the whole world. Facebook, been quite popular among the internet users give them serious setback due to its server downtime or other technical problems. It’s not only in your case but other FB users also encounters the same problem when they often get the message “Account temporarily unavailable”.

The message that erupts on your screen while accessing personal or official Facebook account “Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”  No need to worry in such kind of scenarios as something big is going on at the Facebook backend. Just wait for a while. Till then sit back and relax as you cannot do anything except waiting for this temporary server issue in FB to get resolved. Website maintenance or server downtime takes some time to be a position in when users can perform their essentials tasks. It’s always advised not to take any risks or make attempts to fix these kind of problems by make changes in settings of web browser or device and last up making things more complex or vulnerable.

Reasons behind Facebook Account Not Available:

There are certain reasons behind the issues “Account Temporarily Unavailable” that prevent accessing of FB account. Some of them are as follows:

  • Account unavailable due to site maintenance.
  • Server outage or downtime issues.
  • Browser compatibility issues.
  • Facebook account temporarily suspended.
  • Fb account disabled after getting hacked.
  • Account not getting accessible properly on Android or IOS device.
  • FB experiencing loading problems due to frequent disconnection from server.

How Would I know that Facebook Account Problem is at My End Only?

What if Facebook problems persist even after several hours as this kind of problem does not get stretched for so long even if maintenance goes on at FB backend? Facebook always keep user convenience on the top and this is the only reason, they rectify things in quick time and try to avoid downtime for a lengthy time period. If such things happen that make you show the same error from last many hours then there is a high probability that some technical problem is there at your end. It can be FB account suspension or blocking due to unsolicited activities taking place accessing your FB profile or someone has attempted to hack your social networking account or you might be trying to access Facebook account using invalid login credentials. Or might be possible due to browser technical problems, FB login page is not loading properly even after providing correct sign-in details. It’s really a complex situation as all the users like you get troubled with such kind of scenario.

In order to get this tricky problem resolved in quick time, let’s attempt some techniques that might help you get thing work on a positive note.  Facebook does like to leave all tables unturned while making attempts to fix any kind of issue that trouble user to huge extent.  Facebook has huge fame and to retain its reputation in online world, all possible attempts need to be implemented for the convenience of their users so that their FB accounts start working properly without any kind of hurdle.

How to fix Facebook Account Unavailability Issue?

For the convenience of users, Facebook Inc has disclosed some steps to help you fix problems in an easiest way. Implement these steps carefully and we are quite sure, you will be able to access your social networking account at the earliest.

  • Browser Cache files need to be cleaned up as these only lead to loading of old web page even if the problem is resolved by FB Inc.
  • History, temporary file and cookies need to be flushed out to make things more clear.
  • Delete the cookies, caches, pre-fetch and temporary files from the device as well in which the Facebook account temporary unavailable error is being displayed.
  • There is also possibility that proxy server with a particular IP is delivering such error on your device screen which is outdated. Disable the proxy from the device and try login into your personal or official Facebook account using default IP of Internet service provider (ISP)

In case, you are facing problems implementing these steps to fix Facebook unavailability error, then the best way is to contact Fb tech support helpdesk experts anytime by creating a ticket as there is no official Facebook customer service phone number available on the internet.



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