Looking to Delete or Disable Gmail Account Permanently!! Here You Go:

Sometimes you things come in your mind that living a hassle free life is a far better option than keep on thinking about emails and data stored within the same as well as maintain privacy option to secure it. It’s advisable to delete or disable Gmail Account in case your data security is compromised on a frequent basis or you are at threat of losing important documents with certain news getting spread about Gmail security breach.

With news breakup regarding security breach of particular webmail server, threat naturally becomes a part of a human being even if he/she has no connection with that problem that others are dealing with. There’s a huge possibility of a security breach that may happen in the case of Gmail even if it is a part of Google. People using Yahoo mail also faced a security breach issues so why not there is a possibility with Gmail as hackers generally take things one by one and proceed towards the other goal when one is accomplished successfully. With millions of Yahoo email account security breach happening all of the sudden, there is a huge probability that Gmail can be the next victim.

 Many business professionals access Gmail on daily basis and with a lot of data saved in their Gmail account, it becomes quite difficult for them to handle in case things go far away. In other words, we can say that their Gmail account get hacked or compromised on the unexpected basis as hackers need a bit of loophole to breach the security of any email account; be it is Gmail, Yahoo or even Microsoft. Users with no two-step verification security wall for their Gmail account are in high probability to be at the sufferer’s end. The only option left with them is to enable two-step verification feature on time before things turn out to be worst at their end. In case, the users are still not satisfied with Google email account security, then the ultimate option available is to delete or disable Gmail account.

Things to Remember Before You Go to Delete or Disable Gmail Account:

  • You will lose complete access to your Gmail Account.
  • You cannot access third party services associated with  your Google email account
  • Take backup of your Gmail data before truncating or de-activating email account
  • Username of the Gmail account will remain to freeze up even after deletion of Gmail account
  • Recovery of Deleted Gmail Account can be possible within framed time limit.

How to Delete or Disable Gmail Account on Permanent Basis:

As majority of Gmail users do not know how to delete or disable their email account, here are some steps that can help them truncate their Gmail account and data on permanent basis

  • Sign into Gmail account by entering the correct login credentials.
  • Go to the My Account page and click on Account preferences option.
  • There you can see the option “Delete your account or services”.
  • Clicking on the same will divert you directly to the option “Delete your account or services”.
  • Click on the link “Delete Products” seen within the above -mentioned option.
  • Re-enter the password again and then click on sign-in button to authenticate your ownership over the Gmail account.
  • Once the new web page is displayed, you will see a trash can corresponding to the Gmail account.
  • But above that, there is a message written along with it “Consider downloading a data before deleting service” along with Download Data link available there that can help you take backup of Gmail account within minutes.
  • Once Gmail data backup is completed, click on the trash icon which will take you to the new webpage in which there is a written agreement available on the top of the page along with checkbox which user needs to click after going through the above-mentioned message.
  • On the bottom of the same page, provide the secondary or alternate email address along with the password for the convenience of Google Inc to send Gmail account deletion verification link to take final consent of email user. Once both the details are filled up, click on the button, delete Gmail.
  • Check the particular mail sent by Google once you click on the button “ Ok Got it”
  • Now, you can access the secondary email account address provided on the list and checks the inbox as Google Inc would have sent Gmail account deletion verification link to get the final consent of account holder to delete or disable personal or official email account.
  • Click on the verification link to authenticate your consent. Once the link is clicked, a new web page is displayed in which you need to enter the legitimate password of the Gmail account which you want to delete temporarily or permanently as per the requirement.
  • Click on confirm button once the password is provided from your end.
  • Once it is done, you will receive the  following message:

              “Congratulations! You have successfully deleted Gmail from your Google account.”

These steps mentioned above can be quite helpful for users to delete or disable Gmail account permanently but people sometimes face one issue or the other while implementing these points to truncate Google email account at their end. For that Google Inc has formulated a team of Gmail customer support helpdesk team; who can very well assist the registered email users in deletion of Gmail account at whatever time, assistance is required irrespective of device and OS that has been serving as a medium for you including other users to access the email account. Users can contact technical support team through official Google email customer service phone number that is quite helpful in resolving troublesome problems at the earliest.


2 thoughts on “Looking to Delete or Disable Gmail Account Permanently!! Here You Go:”

  1. It has been long time that I am using Gmail account to send and receive email but I am not finding it anymore useful because the features that I am looking for is not available in Gmail. I don’t want my mail account exist either so may I call you to take help because I couldn’t make it myself?

    1. Yes, of course, you can call anytime at Gmail toll-free number@1-844-773-9313 and share your query frequently.

      And I wanted to tell you that today every person are using Gmail account. If you think that Gmail is only for sending and receiving the message then you are wrong because many features are provided by the Gmail. If you are looking for a particular feature, you can tell me. I might help you regarding that also.


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