Is Gmail Account Sign-up Process Really Complicated? An Outright Review

Gmail has gained popularity since its inception in 2004.With server downtime issues quite persistent in other webmail servers, the internet traffic has started getting diverted toward email services offered or rendered by Google Inc. Gmail account creation involves a set of procedure which is quite easy to implement and upon subscription with Google email services, one can get access to other Google products such as YouTube, Google Drive and Google Plus.

Gmail Account signup process needs to be implemented in a proper manner to create email account successfully. With certain steps need to be followed in order to create Google email account, some people find the Gmail signup process more complex as certain validations such as phone number verification through text message and voice call need to be done while getting registered with Google email account.

Methods to Create New Gmail Account

For the convenience of users, Google Inc has revealed essential steps to perform Gmail account sign-up through different methods:

  • Gmail Account Sign-up through official Google Email Website
  • Gmail Account Sign-up through Android Device
  • Gmail Account Sign-up through IMAP on IOS device


Method 1

Steps to Sign up with Gmail Account using official website on Windows OS Device

  • Open a Web Browser and type on the same.
  • As the web page is displayed, fill up the Gmail account registration form.
  • The entire details need to be filled up along with alternate email address and active phone number.
  • Once the form is filled up completely, click the button “ Next step”.
  • Once the new web page is displayed, user is asked to validate the account by providing a verification code that is sent at the mobile number through text message or through voice call.
  • User cans select any option such as text message or voice call to get verification code.
  • Enter the code in the box displayed in the next screen provided on the mobile through text message or voice call to validate Gmail account.
  • Wait for the code to get validated. Once it gets done, a new screen is displayed with the window.

Method 2

Steps to Sign up with Gmail Account on Mobile Device

  • Unlock your Android Smartphone and tap on Gmail app pre-installed in the device.
  • Tap on the menu Icon displayed on the top left of Smartphone device screen.
  • Once the new screen is displayed, touch the down arrow  option shown on the right of the existing username.
  • Select the option Add account by clicking the radio button corresponding to the same.
  • As the new slide is displayed, click on the radio button to select Google option and after that, click on next button after that.
  • These steps need to be implemented carefully in order to add Gmail account in the device using correct username and password.
  • Once the next button is clicked successfully,, a new slide is displayed in which there is a link named as  “ create a new account”.
  • Provide the new user name and password of Gmail account before clicking the next button.
  • Once the details are provided successfully, a verification code is sent on the mobile device through text message once android server communicates with Google Email services.
  • Enter the code and click the button Finish setup and new Gmail account will be automatically added to the device.

Method 3

Gmail Account Sign-up through IMAP on IOS device

  • Turn-on your IOS device and after that  go to Settings option.
  • Tap on mail option once the screen is displayed on IOS device and opt for Add account option.
  • Select your email service provider if it is shown on the device screen otherwise tap on other button to add your email account manually.
  • In case, your email service provider is displayed on the screen tap on the same.
  • Once the new screen is displayed to enter email address and password, provide correct details.
  • As the details are provided, tap on next button shown on the screen.
  • Once the next button is tapped upon, wait for mail to arrive t authenticate the account.
  • In case, you are not able to see the Google Email service provider App on the IOS device, then follow the steps below to add account manually

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