Facing Problems with Gmail Password Change! Modify Gmail Password Now in Quick Time

Change Gmail Password

Gmail has been quite a prolific webmail service provider, when it comes to helping users access their personal or official emails as well as sending necessary feedback to recipients in stipulated time period. With multiple Gmail accounts been created by users across the globe, it’s all because of necessary features and functionalities it possesses that has not been linked with other email service providers. With millions of people creating Gmail accounts on daily basis, their main aim is to secure the same from malicious activity mainly to prevent their email account from getting compromised.

As many people are not aware regarding the process to change Gmail password with ease, they cannot modify Google email password on time when it matters the most to them. This is really a critical problem for them when there is prevailing security breach across the world with millions of email account getting hacked due to cyber-crime activities taking place at huge scale. In such condition, it becomes necessary for the user to perform Gmail password change. But due to unawareness of changing email password, users are threatened to lose their personal or official Google email account due to hacking that can take away all the important documents stored as attachments in the draft as well as other folders created by users.

Though Google Inc has already launched its official Gmail customer service number since the inception of its email services in 2004, users can easily get in touch with Gmail phone support helpdesk team anytime by dialing above mentioned number to share their problems with qualified experts working there who can guide them in a proper way when it comes to Google email account password change.

For the convenience of Gmail users, there are certain steps revealed by Google Inc to change email password with ease. Users can implement the steps to modify Gmail password from their PC or Smartphone device as per their convenience.

Methods to Change Gmail Password in an Easiest Way:

  • Accessing Gmail Website
  • Using Android Device
  • Using Google My Account Website

Method 1: 

  Steps to Change or Modify Google Email Password Accessing Gmail Website

  1. Open a new web browser on desktop or laptop device and type gmail.com.
  2. As the web page is displayed, sign-in details are supposed to be entered by Gmail account registered users.
  3. Once you are able to access the Gmail account dashboard, there is a gear icon displayed on the top right corner of the interface once Gmail inbox page gets loaded successfully
  4. Take your mouse over there and click on the same.
  5. Once it is down, a drop down menu appears in which settings option is displayed.
  6. Click on the setting option and wait for page to get displayed
  7. Once the settings page is displayed, you will see the tab “ Accounts and Import”
  8. Click on the specified tab. Once done, click on change password link or button displayed on the screen.
  9. Provide the existing password in the first box once the page is displayed and new password twice as per the criteria to create a secure
  10. Once the passwords are typed in the required field, click on the button “Change password”.

Method 2:

Steps to Change or Modify Gmail Account Password in Android Device

  1. Unlock your android device and tap on Gmail app
  2. Provide the login credentials if you are accessing app for the first time
  3. Once logged in successfully into Gmail account, open the settings menu on the android device
  4. Scroll your mouse down to find the personal section displayed on the Smartphone device
  5. Now Tap on Google services menu.
  6. Once the new slide is displayed on the android device, you will notice the button named as Sign-in and security
  7. Tap on sign-in & security button to go ahead for changing Gmail password
  8. Once the new screen is displayed on the device screen, tap on password button.
  9. Enter the new secure password twice.
  10. Tap on the eye button to view the password you have typed. If there is any modification, then do it straight away on visible password and tap on the eye again to convert the same into encrypted form.
  11. Tap on change password button to confirm the changes.
  12. Now login into Gmail account using modified Gmail password to confirm its activation

Method 3:

Steps to Change or Modify Gmail Account Password Using Google My Account Website

  1. Open Google My Account website on any PC or Smartphone web browser irrespective of OS
  2. Sign into the particular Gmail account for which password need to be changed
  3. Click on the signing into Gmail account
  4. Once the new screen is displayed, go to the tab “ Sign-in & security”
  5. Click on password option once Sign-in & security page is displayed
  6. Provide new password twice that upper case, lower case, numbers and a special
  7. Once the password is entered, click on change password button to confirm changes.
  8. Now log out of Google My Account Website and type gmail.com to access the email account with new login credentials.

These methods can prove to be quite worthy or helpful for users; who are not aware of the methods and steps to change Gmail or Google email account password at ease. Still, users need any help, they can call Gmail technical support team on the instant basis to fix troublesome issues just by dialing official Google Gmail customer service phone number rather than making things complicated by attempts at their own end.



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  1. I was trying to access GMAIL account, but wasn’t able to sign in. And I had a gut feeling that my password had been changed by someone else because every time I used to login with old password, I got an error message. For that moment I wanted to change my password that is why, I came across this website and found very clear and easy solution
    for my Gmail password issue.
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