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Facebook; being the most prominent social media site, is accessed by thousands of users through desktop and mobile App. You; being a business person or entrepreneur, can reap more benefits using Facebook. Creating a business page and running ad campaigns is something you can use while accessing social media podium. Though it has active users in billions, certain issues keep coming across that haunt users the most.

Several issues like login problems, password change/reset, privacy issues become quite severe that doesn’t get resolved on its own. As if you’ve no idea how to fix Facebook issues due to any reason, certain DIY steps will definitely be offering relevant help to fix problems in an appropriate manner.

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Do you need to contact Facebook Customer Support?

But, don’t have any idea how to connect with Facebook for Technical Help?

Maybe you want to speak with Facebook technical engineers to get your problems fixed in a clinch. But, unfortunately, there is no direct way to contact with Facebook.

Though there is no direct number to contact Facebook, as the number of users on Facebook is equivalent to ¼th part of the earth’s total population and it is just impossible to cater service to each user personally.

Is Facebook Customer Care Services available in the United States?

Absolutely not. This is to make everyone clear that users won’t be able to connect with Facebook help service team. No matter you are located in United States or any part of the globe, there is no official technical support toll free helpline number or live chat panel to deliver much necessary assistance. You’re just confined to take assistance from Facebook Help centre for resolving any kind of problem or issues that encounter abruptly.

Facebook Service’s Exclusive Features

  • 24/7-365 round the clock service
  • Get Assistance from technical experts
  • Toll-free Customer service number
  • No hidden charges
  • Free Diagnosis
  • Instant Solutions


Case Study 1

Client Name: Oliver Jews (Texas, United States ) | Technician Name: Lisa Mc Coy


The lady Oliver Jews; located in Dallas County the capital of Texas, United States, was not able to access Facebook account. The indications were coming like that her account has been hacked and unsolicited activities like adultery images are being published in the profile album upon identity-theft as told by some of her friends. The case study includes the steps that were undertaken to fix the problems in Facebook account.

Narration by Client:

Myself Oliver Jews. I was really terrified about the things happening around. Everything started slipping away at my end the day Facebook account was hacked. My friends intimated me about the activities happening in my social profile. It’s actually a waste of time finding a solution within Facebook Help center with no official toll-free number available therein. Moreover, it would’ve been waste of time as I was not capable to fix anything at my end.

One of my friends suggested me to contact Gonetech solutions as the experts are highly qualified and give their best to fix the problems in quick time. I was lucky enough to connect with the helpdesk expert (Venissa) over the phone, who was really cooperative. She assured me about the fixation of the problem in a best possible manner and created a ticket that was escalated to Sr. technician Lisa Mc Coy; who offered best possible help and took me out of the hilarious situation by helping me regain the FB access.

Problem Identification:

  • Lady was not able to access the Facebook account.
  • Adultery images and videos added in a profile album
  • Unsolicited comments visible on profile photos
  • Spam web page links posted on FB timeline

Solution Offered:

A certified techie brought its expertise into practice and diagnosed the root cause behind the problem. An optimal solution is offered to the client within the allotted time period

What We Actually Did?

Step 1: The senior technician Lisa Mc Coy was given the charge to resolve this issue as she has the expertise to resolve similar cases

Step 2: Lisa Mc Coy (technician) gave a call to Oliver (Client) aware of the severity of the issues.

Step 3: The client was told to open the Facebook account on PC and follow the instructions given to her over the phone.

Step 4: First, she was asked to choose the option matching her problem. Then, Oliver was told to enter the recovery phone number or email address associated with Facebook account.

Step 5: As the process continued, there was a checkpoint where it was asked to enter the current password as well as the new password that was never used before.

Step 6: Doing this, she was able to access the newsfeed. Now she was asked to turn-on two-step verification feature to add an extra layer of security to her social profile.

Step 7: Once done she was helped to remove the adultery images from the profile album as well as remove the spam comments from the profile picture as well as weblinks from the timeline.

Case Closed on a Positive Note:

  • The hacked account was recovered and account security feature added.
  • All the active sessions on different devices were logged out immediately.
  • The unsolicited images and comments were removed from the profile.
  • The profile of suspicious person was reported and blocked.
  • The antivirus scan was initiated on the device to find any traces of the virus.
  • The client was told not to share the new login credentials with anyone.

We are happy to help you when you are in need!

Customer Care Service For Facebook by Gonetech
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Customer Care Service For Facebook by Gonetech
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  1. I rarely use my FB account, but last night I tried to log in my account and found my account suspended. I was unable to find the reason, and then I searched out some technical help over the internet and got this number. For that moment, I contacted on this number and one of technician told me the main cause of the problem and recovered my FB account. Their response was immediate and I am really thankful.

  2. I am addicted to Facebook and always want to have my account open! But, now it has become a big problem for me. I had opened up my Facebook account on my friend’s phone a few days ago and forgot to sign out from his cell phone. Now, he is using my Facebook account and did not let me log out of my account from his device. Please help me out that how can I sign out my Facebook account from all active logins?

    1. I am glad that you are giving us a chance to help you. We are really obliged. The answer to your question is.
      Open Facebook Account->Settings->Security->”Where you’re logged in->End all Activity

      I hope it will help you!

      1. Hello sir… I reset my password yesterday.. and I successfully identify all questions… But after I log in it shows connections lost.. please resolve my issue

      2. Afer I reset my password correctly it showing like this “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.”
        Why this showing like that please resolve my problem. .

    2. I would like to to sign out of my accounts am not usein facebook account anymore and some one is usein my details shere I would like to block who is usein my profile

  3. I like to post pictures on my Facebook account but wasn’t aware of privacy thing. Every time I updated a new picture it was set to public mode due to which other than my friends can also like & comment on it. But thanks to Gonetech solution experts who helped me out.

  4. I was fetching some issues while trying to register an account on Facebook. I didn’t know what is the exact problem due to which I was unable to register the account on Facebook under my name. I contacted to Gonetech solutions and one of their experts helped me to resolve this issue. Now I’m using my account and every time I fetch some problem I simply dial the toll-free customer support number of theirs.

  5. Gonetech experts helped me three times that too at the same day. I am so fortunate that I known toll-free number of such a helpful customer support team who always help Facebook users no matter what is the time. Thank you so much for helping me at the same moment I raised query.

  6. I was unable to modify Account settings on my Facebook account due to which privacy of my account affected. After so many tries I finally called on the helpline number of Facebook support. I’m doing absolutely fine now with my Facebook account. Thanks for the instant help!

  7. This support team helped me many times to solve my issues related to Facebook. I’m a daily user of this social community and to access it without any stress, Gonetech helped me. Today, I want to appreciate the support team. Thanks for your reliable and instant services!

    1. Facebook facilitates various ways to get access your account even if you are unable to recover your password due to forgotten email Id and phone number related to your account. You can add a new webmail address, on which you have access now, to your Facebook account by following these steps-

      1. Click on “Forgotten password”.
      2. You’ll be switched to “Reset your password” page under which you need to click on “No longer have access to these?” option.
      3. Facebook will then redirect you to webmail account recovery methods. But you need to click “I cannot access my email account.” option.
      4. Now, you can easily register your accessible email Id and then click “Continue.” to recover password.
      5. Quest for Facebook mail in your webmail account and you’re done.

      1. Im trying to recover my account since march 31 because of log in problems…i’ve done this method and facebook said that i have successfully proven my identity and said that there’s a confirmation sent on my new email but until now i havent received that confirmation email to be able to access my fb again. how long will i wait?

  8. My Facebook account has been disabled. even if I try to open a new account can’t open.please advise how to rectify the problem?I am Facebook to advertise a business

  9. My Personal account was disabled from 26-5-2017 and I did many appeals & I sent my passport and ID
    But my problem hasn’t been solved what can I do? my account was from 2008 and I really need it

  10. When I registered to facebook, I used a wrong email. Now I try to edit the email by adding a different email, but I cannot get a confirmation email at all. I checked all of emails box including spams, trash box. I even tried to add several another email to get a confirmation email, but I failed to get.. I will appreciate for your support…

  11. My personal FB account is disabled. I submitted my real ID two-three times. I even emailed facebook but no luck. It has been two days. Facebook connected me with my parents and relatives but now it is lost. I’m from India so will you be able to help me? Please!

  12. Hacker took my Fb account and CHANGED EMAIL so i lost access and now my account is deactivated. Over 20 days i writing to fb team but always same person keep ignoring all proofs i sent and giving me link hacked account WHERE I CAN NOT REPORT because your system saying my email was removed. I found hacker email address because protonmail helped me and disabled hackers email. I was fb user over 7 years, and had there ID PASSPORT AND KIDS PICTURES. i want my account back or any other person from facebook team who will spend 5 minutes to look at all proofs i sent to you but not that same guy who do not care what i saying and every day he get rid of me on same way

  13. Hello sir
    My facebook account is disabled by mistake plz help me its been 10 days but no respons i submit the appeal form 2 3 times but no respons plz help me plz

  14. I can’t login to my facebook account as I’ve logged out of my Facebook app account where I used to get the code from Code generator.I’m not even getting the code on my Phone number.I’m not logged in from any of the browsers anymore so where am I supposed to get the code from? Please help me out.I’m from Pakistan

  15. When I log into my account,I receive a message that ” we will send a code of 6 digits” but I receive nothing on my phone number

  16. Someone use my face book accuont it been 6 mother now they are message me on my messager
    Please help me to recover my account

  17. Hello, I’m an admin on my church Facebook page which is is on the Facebook pages app & now I’m unable to post anything now. It says I do not have permission to post not have required permission. The other admin has tried several times to delete me & add me back in but still nothing.

  18. plz help my facebook is disble plz help i submit appel many time but no response plz help plz plz i reqwest help plz help😢😢😢😢

  19. My facebook got locked unjustly while I was still signed in. I did nothing wrong it just signed me out and refused signing me in again. It directed to where I should confirm my identity and when I tried to do so nothing pops up. Please help it’s so frustrating

    1. I’m having this problem too, the secrity confirmation just won’t go through for me. Did yo ever fix this or find someone to contact? If so I would appreciate if you could help me out. Thanks!

  20. my account was temporarily locked..ive tried to log in but it wont go through. i tried the form for disabled account but it says my email address is not included in disabled account.. what should i do.. i need to access my account.. ive tried to reset my password 100x but still locked. please help me to unlocked my account.. my email address is jhonartintorres@yahoo.com.

  21. I have an old account that was removed 3 years ago or more and i think it was removed by mistake. Way back then, I was looking for a way to get it back but i failed. Now, i want to have it recovered again because my gmail keeps on sending me notifications from that account and i remembered i needed to recover also my childhood pictures i saved and posted using that account. Can you please help me?

  22. Please help, my account was locked and whenever i want to unlock it, it always stops at the page where I get a message that ” my account has been lock. ”
    how can i unlock it

  23. Please help my account is temporarily locked for many days. I have an business page where all my day to day business is locked for many days…so please help me out in unblocking it as soon as possible please.

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