Easy Steps to Delete Messages on Facebook Messenger

Delete messages on Facebook messenger

Before looking for the ways to delete messages on Facebook messenger, you must make sure, if you want to remove a specific message or want to delete the entire chat history of your conversations between you and a specific person.

Most of the times, the user seek for the ways to delete some specific message from the particular conversation; as they want to hide that information from offensively curious eyes. Some information may be highly confidential for you, which you have shared with your friend on Facebook. So, to assure that privacy of that information you shared through Facebook messenger remains intact between you and your confidant friend, you might be intending to clear those messages from the Facebook messenger.

However, deleting messages or clearing your chat history does not clear the message from your friend’s history. So if you’ve sent any intimate or secret message to a friend, and deleted the message from your end, your friend will still have those messages in their chat history. So, it is highly recommended not to share anything sensitive via your any online platform.

This article is an attempt to guide you through the procedure for deleting any specific or multiple messages from Facebook messenger as well as show you the steps to clear the entire chat history from the Facebook messenger.

How to delete messages and chat history on Facebook Messenger on Computer?

  • Go to the Facebook.com.
  • Facebook messenger login page will open on your screen
  • Provide your login details to get into your account
  • Click on the messenger icon
  • Then click on “see all in Messenger” to see all the receipt
  • Click on the conversation you want to delete
  • Click on the “Actions” icon at the top right of the screen which will result in a menu of options being displayed
  • Choose “Delete Conversation” to delete the entire conversation on Facebook messenger

In case, you want to delete any specific or multiple messages Facebook messenger; you are required to select “Delete Message” option. This will enable the interface by which you can select specific messages to delete. Click on the box next to each message and click on the “Delete” button to delete the message on the Facebook messenger.

 How to permanently delete Chat History on Facebook messenger from any Mobile Device?

Whether you are looking for the ways to delete messages on the facebook messenger on android or iOS device like iPad or iPhone; you just need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Facebook Messenger by tapping the messenger app on your mobile device.
  • To delete an entire conversation or chat on the Facebook Messenger, select the specific conversation that you’d like to delete and swipe to the left.
  • Select and tap “Delete”
  • To delete any specific message, long press that particular message.
  • Then Tap on “Delete” button

Now you have entire information of the steps to delete all messages or conversation on Facebook messenger. You can now easily delete the message of your choice. In case, you face any trouble to carry out these procedures; feel free to contact Facebook Support number for the instant help.

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