Facebook Messenger Connection Issues

With the launch of Facebook Messenger App, it received a spell-bounding response from FB users; who were looking for similar kind of messenger application through which they can interact with clients as well as known ones without accessing the official Facebook website. This application is developed, taking into consideration; requirement of the Android and IOS Smartphone and tab users who generally get script errors while sharing files, videos as well as images while using chat application embedded in the official website of Facebook upon using correct login credentials to sign-in into the same.

 But on certain occasions, users all of the sudden start facing problems using Facebook messenger installed on their Android or IOS device. It happens generally due to Facebook messenger disconnection from the server that is the backbone that delivers the responsive performance of the application and its sudden downtime results in FB messenger connection issues that prevent users from interacting with known ones as well as does not allow file transfer during the particular time frame.  As FB connectivity issues happen so suddenly on the unexpected basis, it does not let users about the same and hamper their tasks that need to be accomplished using Facebook messenger due to connection issues.

Problems Associated with Facebook Messenger Connection Issues:

  • Messages not visible to the user upon login into Facebook messenger.
  • No possibility of sending or receiving messages accessing FB Messenger.
  • Facebook chat application not working on IOS device due to lost connection.
  • Cannot perform Video chat with known ones in spite high-speed internet connection.
  • Inability to transfer media files such as image or video even in compressed form.
  • Issues with resetting password that user forgot while logging into Facebook messenger.
  • Unable to access Facebook timeline as it’s not loading properly.
  • Latest version or Android or IOS not allowing users to access Facebook messenger dashboard.

How to Report Facebook Messenger Downtime Problem due to Connection Issues

Method 1: Using Android Device (Smartphone or Tab)

Step 1:  Get your android device unlocked by creating a pattern or using a security code.

Step 2: Tap on Facebook application is shown on screen which can be reached by tapping on Home 13331180_988734474514913_55457205_n

Step 3:  Enter the login credentials in case you have logged out from the App.

Step 4:  In case you are already logged in, tap again on icon 15516479_577588745767337_10968092343533568_n been shown on the top of the device screen.

Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the screen when a new slide is displayed on tapping of icon 15516479_577588745767337_10968092343533568_n where you will find an option “Report a Problem”.

Step 6:  Tap your finger once over it and wait for the page to display on the device screen.

Step 7: Now enter the problem in the box displayed on the screen and tap on send button at bottom of your device screen.


Method 2: Using IOS device (iPad or iPhone)

Step 1:  Unlock your IOS device and tap on Home 13331180_988734474514913_55457205_n

Step 2: Tap on Facebook app installed on your IOS device and find icon15585559_154802628331810_6122417078050750464_n

Step 3: Once found, tap on the same and scroll downwards to find the button “Report a Problem”

Step 4: Enter the problem faced at your end while using unresponsive Facebook messenger due to connection failure.

Step 5: Tap on send button and submit the ticket at Facebook helpdesk team

The experts at Facebook helpdesk team are quite efficient when it comes to resolving problems. They will send you the enumerated steps at the registered email address provided during FB account registration. If you are not much capable of troubleshooting Facebook messenger connection issues at your end, then contacting Fb tech support team is the best idea rather than making frequent attempts which can make the things more complicated.




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