Things to know about Facebook Messenger Privacy Policy

Facebook messenger privacy

The Facebook Messenger privacy concerns and methods to control it are never constant. Every action you take on Facebook has privacy and sharing suggestion, which needs to be considered. Today we will discuss all basics about Facebook messenger privacy settings and how you can tweak it to keep your private information intact.

Before diving deep!! Let’s know few facts about the new Facebook messenger and its privacy policy.

In most of the cases, when the Facebook app notifies you about an unread message, you tap on the notification to read that unread message. But, instead of landing on the inbox page, you see the message by Facebook which says you to install a Facebook messenger app to read it.

You may stun by reading this, but it is a harsh truth. Facebook is forcing its messenger app on its users. It is really an aggressive roll-out that is irritating users a lot. Moreover, one fact about messenger app will definitely raise your eyebrows; Facebook messenger now demands your phone number, whenever you tap a contact to message them.

The problems arise when the user having a lack of understanding regarding security and privacy settings of the Facebook messenger, they unknowingly share information that ends up being victims of identity theft, phishing attacks or other malicious actions.

Let’s talk about some Privacy settings of Facebook messenger which is really scary.

You must be unaware of the fact that Facebook messenger asks for so many permission before installing it. Most of the time people ignore going through these permissions. However, the question arises, why does Facebook messenger need so many permissions for use?

If you have already installed the Facebook messenger app on your phone or tablet, unknowingly you have agreed during the installation to several permissions that the app needs. This permission may include accessing the camera, microphone, and your address book. Here is the list of permission Facebook messenger asks from the user at the time of installation.

The permissions Facebook Messenger asks are mentioned below:

  • It will record in-app purchases.
  • A log of the device’s system is made.
  • Browser bookmarks are recorded, just like your web history.
  • Facebook gains a list of all running apps on your device.
  • Facebook records your identity.
  • They also get a list of all accounts on the device.
  • Your contact card can be read and modified without your permission
  • Without your knowing, accounts can be added or removed.
  • Facebook gains access to your contacts and calendars.
  • Facebook can modify contacts, collect calendar events, and see other confidential information.
  • The app can even send emails to your contact list without your knowledge.

So, now you have an entire list of the permission asked by Facebook messenger, which can be a threat to your personal information shared online. In order to know more regarding Facebook messenger privacy and how you can tweak it, you can directly contact Facebook support number for instant help absolutely free. The techies are available 24/7-365 to offer impeccable service to the customers.

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