Has Facebook Disabled Your Account All of the Sudden?

Facebook Account Disabled

From past one week or so, it has been widely heard that Facebook accounts are getting disabled for security reasons. As every user has its own perspective, the only thing that is troubling most of them is Facebook has disabled their account. Neither they are revealing any valid reason behind this sudden action.

Here is the message that is displayed on the Facebook upon making attempts to recover the account upon login failure:

“We’ve determined that you are not eligible to use Facebook. This decision is final. Unfortunately, for safety and security reasons, we can’t give you any additional information as to why your account was disabled. For more information about our policies,”

With growing popularity of Facebook, the numbers of active users have increased at a drastic pace. Though users have experienced many positives since FB sign-up now many are dealing with the security actions taken by this social media portal.

Are you one amongst those users; who are victims to sudden disable of a Facebook account?

Have you violated any terms and conditions due to which Facebook has disabled your account?

There are certain reasons behind Facebook account getting disabled on an abrupt/sudden basis. Might be possible, you did some acts unknowingly or someone who has unauthorized access to the account without letting you know about it.

Though it is an identity theft; if you did not report to Facebook after noticing the same, the entire liability keeps piling on you for all such activities taking place using the Facebook account.


Why Facebook Disabled My Personal Account?

Why Facebook Disabled My Account
Here are some probable reasons due to which Facebook has disabled your Account

  • Fake Profile.
  • Person having more than one account.
  • Duplicate content posted on Facebook wall of multiple users.
  • Spammy activities taking place using the Facebook profile.
  • Videos or images related to nudity detected in the FB profile.
  • Friends request sent to multiple users within a certain time period.
  • Poking Facebook users within a certain time frame.


Why My Facebook Account is Disabled without any Warning?

Some users have issues with Facebook as it does not send warnings before disabling the account.

We don’t think so…

Facebook generally send warning message in some cases when you :

  • Friend requests are being sent to multiple users.
  • When multiple invites are sent to increase likes on business page.
  • When malicious activities are taking place using your account.
  • Upon using the images or videos from the profile of other users.

The Facebook actually disable users from doing such activity for the next 24-72 hrs. Though it’s something like a warning  to users; who change their mind and do not think about doing such things again.

But in some cases likes reporting made by several FB users on the profile, Facebook doesn’t think about giving a warning to the user and disables the account, once and for all.

The following statement by Facebook proves the same

“In some cases, we may not issue a warning before disabling your account. Also, note that we don’t restore accounts that were disabled for severe violations of the Facebook Community Standards”


Pros and Cons of Disabling Facebook Account

Though Facebook takes tough decisions to disable the FB profiles of such users who violate Facebook community standards, still there are certain Pros and cons that comes out from that decision.



Let’s look at the positive side of the decision that Facebook takes to disable the account

  • Filtration taking place as fake accounts get disabled with the random actions made by Facebook. Had it been a legitimate account, the user could get Facebook disabled account reactivated by submitting an appeal. Click here to submit an appeal now
  • Cyberpunks; who are impersonating others, will lose access to those Facebook accounts (once disabled) that were hacked to perform malicious/spam activities.
  • Only authentic Facebook users, who have legal ID can get their disabled Facebook account reactivated upon submitting an appeal. Patience is the key here as it takes 24-72 hrs to regain the access to FB account.



On the other side, there is a negative impact on the users when Facebook takes the decision to disable accounts that comes within the radar.

  • Business people operating commercial activities through Facebook account are adversely impacted the most as they have no access to their FB business page anymore.
  • The effort of users goes in vain as they have millions of likes and views on their pages. Their Facebook account gets disabled  all of the sudden without any prior notification or warnings
  • Except these, there are so many users who have precious memories associated with Facebook accounts, which gets vanished due to such actions by FB without any reason.


It’s Time to Take An Appropriate Action

If you’re one amongst the users who have not done anything wrong but still dealing with horrific nightmares on a real-time basis, then submit an appeal and see whether Facebook considers your request.

Here is the process to submit an appeal:

  • Click on the link “Submit An Appeal” to get disabled Facebook account reactivated
  • As the web page is displayed, the form is displayed in which you need to provide a registered email address, phone number as well as additional information.
  • Do not forget to upload the valid identity proof that is mandatory to submit an appeal
  • Finally, hit/click the send button to make the changes effective

In Case, you didn’t hear anything from Facebook for a while and has no information what is happening over there..you should contact Facebook Helpline either through phone or Live chat support.