Is Creating Facebook Business Page Really An Easy Cake Walk!! An Imminent Review

create Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook business page is what every FB user thinks about when it comes to advertising the commercial services in order to make the business organization, earn fame and popularity as well as reach the new heights of success. As active users access Facebook social networking website in billions, it is the aim of every organization; whether small, medium or large scale, to create a business profile on FB in order to gain the attention of the audience. Posting new and relevant updates on the Facebook page related to your business is a demand of time as users like getting engaged to recent news happening in the particular domain and act accordingly to make contributions in the services through making subscriptions. You should be well-aware regarding how to create business page on Facebook as majority of the social networking website users unaware about the tips to create

Creating wasteful posts like what I ate with clients in a 7-Star hotel during meeting is not worthy at all rather than not publishing a post regarding the discussions being made on a particular topic and new ventures coming into action along with tagging your clients, which can play an important part in gaining attention of audience towards your business venture. Reading such posts will create an appealing impact in the mind of visitors; who would also like to visit your official website by clicking on the contact-us button and can mark their queries by sending emails to know more about your upcoming business projects. Also, they can also send their queries by replying to the post, you as a business page admin create.

Do remember to give an instant reply to the query or queries posted by visitors those showing interest on your business Facebook page otherwise it creates a wrong impression among them and another user also notice your negligence or carelessness and will be not be showing any interests towards the posts you create as all these activities are actually done for engaging audience towards your business organization. The interaction done between you and visitors create threads and are visible to everyone; who likes your business page as it brings positive thinking in the mind of users; who look to share their thoughts by replying to the posts created by you.

Why Need to Create A Facebook Business Page?

  • Creating business Facebook Page strengthen customer relationships
  • It helps to reveal the product or services on a social networking podium
  • Large audience getting diverted towards your business
  • Insight analytical tool in Facebook help you gain information about your Fan base
  • Ask for the opinion of the audience on the posts you create or share on the Facebook business page as they will offer best opinions which you may not be able to think of.

There are essential Facebook Business Page tips that need to be considered for providing a professional look. With various competitors emerging in the internet world to compete with established business, it’s quite important for you to create a business page on Facebook by adopting some criteria that can give inimitable look and feel to your FB business page. It’s really easy to craft an FB business page to enhance online or offline business but it’s always a challenging task to maintain the same as regular updates need to be posted on frequent basis in order to gain audience attention at the fullest so that they can regularly follow your business page to check recent updates as per the requirement.

Know About Tips to Create Effective Facebook Business Page

Here are certain tips to create a Facebook Business Page that are quite appealing to draw the attention of FB audience for enhancing its popularity.

  • Always look to create a business page, not a personal page.
  • Do not forget to claim for vanity URL after creating Facebook Business Page.
  • Add an inspiring business logo that can also be your profile image, which can be easily recognized
  • Upload an impressive cover photo that depicts a vision of your business.
  • Write a descriptive or appealing content of your organization in About Us Section which audience go through when they arrive on the Facebook business page.
  • Get “Very Responsive to Message” badge that impress the audience as they expect to get instant resolution for any query they post on the FB business page or write their queries in message application available within the same. The ideal response time for any FB business page owner should be at least 15-20 minutes along with response rate of around 90%. Once you comply with these rules formulated by Facebook, the badge will reflect on your business page “Typically Replies to your Message  within an hour” that will encourage users to get engaged on your Facebook business page that eventually take them to the official website of the organization on which unique visits on daily basis matters a lot .
  • Add some milestones which your online business has received such as achievements, press release, new release services, major or important conferences, public events as well as any other accolade. Recent milestone automatically gets posted on your Facebook business profile page timeline. The Facebook audience generally view your recent milestone underneath the about us section.
  • Customize call to-action functionality on Contact us, Sign-up, Shop Now, Book Now, Watch video buttons by adding website URL or adding video URL or download app option. For Example FB users; who click on the contact US button gets redirected to a home page or landing page of your official website or can send a message by filling up the form. Call-to-action option can be used in an effective way to make the Facebook page more interactive and should look relevant as per the user’s perspective.
  • Always think about giving priority to quality over quantity.
  • Choose the best time which audience can go through your recently published posts on the Facebook business page.
  • The best blog content with proper headings and subheading should be posted with perfect readability so that audience can go through your blog by understanding every bit of it.
  • Facebook; generally fetches description, title, and image of your blog which you share the permalink of your content on the FB business page. Do make sure that the Meta description of your blog post should be quite appealing that generates the visit of the Facebook Make sure that content written in your blog should be mass appealing. Also add an attractive image that can leave the blog readers, spell-bound. As per the expert’s review, Facebook posts with images gather a large number of audience. You will definitely see a boost of 2.3X traffic on the posts with images and that too with repeated visitors if the content is good enough to be flawlessly read and understand. The blog content should be totally interactive that will help you generate 87% of the total interactions.
  • Do remember to format your images as per the requirement of Facebook as optimization of images is quite necessary when it comes to gathering audience on your FB business page. Here are some criteria that need to be implemented to make your business page look more alluring.
  1. Cover Photo of Your FB Business Page should be 851 px wide and 315 px tall
  2. Profile image supposed to be added after creating a Facebook business page is to be 180 px wide and 180 px tall.
  3. Image to be highlighted on the Facebook business page should be 1200 px wide and 717 px tall.
  4. Shared Image on FB business page ought to be 1200 px wide and 630 px tall.
  5. Shared link thumbnail image to be added upon creation of Facebook business page is 1200 px wide and 627 px tall.
  • Always look to post or share live videos that generally attracts Facebook audience on your posts
  • Facebook insights are supposed to be optimized properly as it is an internal analytic tool that helps you know about the prominence of Facebook business page among internet audience. With his tool, you as a Facebook business page administrator are provided with analytical data about page visits and engagements.
  • Enable the Facebook Like option that is to be shown on the FB business page along with contact us and message button. Increase in Likes; make your FB business page prominent among the internet users. The FB Like button extension or plug-in can be encrypted on your blog to gather more audience towards the newly-created Facebook business page.
  • Create fb page via mobile web browser, is quite possible but it consumes a lot of time as you have to navigate a lot and bring necessary functionalities into action.

 Is It Really Possible to Create a Business Facebook Page without a Personal Account?

 No, Not really!! Many users have already made an attempt to create a Facebook business page without a personal account but it didn’t happen. However, research is still going on regarding how to create a business page on Facebook without a personal account. You cannot create a FB business page without having a Facebook account as an account owner is always considered as a primary admin of FB business page to manage the same and to enable or disable the functionalities offered by Facebook to engage more audience towards the fan page and make them visit the official website on ultimate basis; thereby bringing unique traffic on the website, which is good for its prominence in online world.

Can I Create Page on Facebook App? Is it Really Difficult

With advancement in technology, Facebook is left behind as it has also launched an App that is highly compatible with Android and IOS device. If you are quite passionate about using Facebook on Smartphone device using FB app, then it’s quite obvious that accessing FB app is within your comfort zone and on top of that, you can easily create a business page on a Facebook app by applying certain important steps. The majority of users face troublesome issues while creating a Facebook business page with App installed on Android or IOS device and most of them do not have any idea or thoughts regarding how to create a page on the Facebook app. It’s not so difficult but creating FB page via mobile or Smartphone device; sometime proves to be challenging, when you look to create a business page on the Facebook app.

How to Create Facebook Business Page on Windows and Mac OS Device?

But when it comes to creating Facebook Business page on Windows or Mac OS X device, certain steps are involved that need to be implemented carefully; taking into consideration, compatibility of a web browser. Here are the steps to create Business Facebook page accessing desktop or laptop device.

  • Open a web browser of your choice and type
  • Once the page gets loaded properly, enter the login credentials that help you access the facebook dashboard.
  • Now go to the settings option and navigate to the option to create a business page on Facebook.
  • Choose the suitable page type (such as local business or place, company or organization or institution, brand or product, Artist band or public figure, entertainment, cause or community) within which Facebook business page ought to be created.
  • Choose the specific category from the dropdown menu by clicking on any of the thumbnails as shown on the webpage to create a business page on
  • Fill out the necessary details as shown in the drop down menus and click on Get Started.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions properly and get a Facebook business page created successfully.

Though; these above-mentioned tips to create an effective Facebook business page as well as steps to create a business page on PC or Smartphone device are feasible to understand and implement but some of the users lack knowledge due to which they are not capable of accomplishing the procedure of Facebook business page creation at their best. Though the support ticket can be generated incase users are facing problems while creating a business page on Facebook but it’s really a time consuming process as FB helpdesk team offer help by providing enumerated steps that can be implemented to fix problems during the creation of FB business page.

As official Facebook technical support number is not available on the internet; had it been available, it could be a real help for users who could have dialed Facebook helpline number at ease anytime whenever they face problems during business FB page creation and get the issues fixed at the earliest by availing quality help from professionals without any kind of hurdles.