Looking to Unblock Facebook Proxy!! Do Consider the Strategic Approach

Facebook is a largest social networking website on which millions of web users sign-up day by day. All kinds of daily activities are accomplished with ease, with the help of Facebook. But it’s quite unfortunate to say that FB proxy issues are gaining huge prominence these days.

As many users are not able to access Facebook in the whole or a particular area of the specific country, it clearly states that access to Facebook is blocked in that region. They have no idea how to unblock Facebook account.

With various websites are found Geo-blocked due to one or the other reason, Facebook social media is one amongst those sites. Users residing in those regions have no idea about Facebook proxy server through which they can access the dashboard

Though FB is one of the fastest growing information and communication platforms, the reason behind its blocking is the policy formulated by nations to protect the access to global information.

As users are not that technical with lack of skills, they have no exact idea how to unblock Facebook proxy.

As if many countries have no restrictions on accessing Facebook or other social media, users do not have any need for proxy sites to access the FB pages in order to perform essential tasks.

But what about the school, college, and offices; where an access to Facebook is completely blocked.  A lot of queries are put by Facebook users in this regards

  • Access to Facebook is blocked in my schools!! Any idea about FB proxy sites?
  • I can’t access Facebook using my College Wi-Fi network!! Are proxy sites for Facebook Login available?
  • It’s really strange my office does not permit access to Facebook!! Any Facebook proxy bypass tool available to gain access?

The above-mentioned queries actually occur as users do not have any idea about the Facebook proxy sites.

Ways to Perform Facebook Access in Schools /College and Office

Here are the top ways, adopting which a student in school or college, as well as working professionals in the office, can access Facebook in spite of being blocked.

  • Use IP Address to access Facebook account

    If Facebook.com has been blocked by the system administrator on your network, still you can manage to access the login panel through the IP address. Here are the steps to unblock Facebook website just by using IP address:

-Open command prompt on the left bottom through the RUN desktop app

-Type ‘ping www.facebook.com-t’

-You will find IP address is displayed in the command prompt.

-Use that specific IP address and type the same in the address bar of web browser.

-Press enter and you will see a Facebook login page displayed on the dashboard

-As the IP address keeps changing, you need to repeat the same process at the certain point to keep performing task even if Fb is blocked on the PC

At times, the system administrator does not allow users to open a command prompt, and then it is advised to use the online web tool to look for the IP address of facebook.com.


  • Look into System host files on the device

    System host file is the way to block the access to facebook.com on a particular device. It is quite an easy option to block facebook.com on your PC using the system host file.

Windows users can find the host file on different versions of OS such as WIN  XP, Vista 7,8 and 10 through the following path:


The host files can easily be opened with the text editor. If you find facebook.com listed therein, just delete the entire row and press save (CTRL +S)

Now you can easily access the facebook.com on your website as it has been unblocked by adopting the above measures.

  • Access secure proxy website to access blocked Facebook

Proxy websites can be one of the best solutions for the users; who are prohibited to access facebook.com as the website is blocked by the system administrator. With several websites available on the internet that offer free as well as paid service to access blocked websites through proxy servers.

There is a possibility that your system administrator might have blocked the access to proxy servers so that none of the users can visit the facebook.com in school, college or in the corporate offices. In order to get out of such stranglehold, its hugely advised to keep a large data of proxy websites like the one mentioned below:

  1. http://hidemyadress.info/
  2. http://ushideip.info/
  3. http://www.proxy-free-web.net/
  4. http://vpnproxysites.info/
  5. http://www.fireproxyfox.com/
  6. https://www.proxysite.com/facebook/
  7. https://proxylistpro.com/facebook-proxy.htm

 Just try these proxy servers alternatively to access facebook.com in school, university or in office if it is blocked on your PC

  • Better create own proxy IP than opting for third-party proxy site Facebook

It’s quite convenient to create a proxy website to be on the safe side through which any website blocked from getting access, can be unleashed in minutes. For this, you need to have an access to the web server. If there is no personal web server, create a web server through the Google Apps Engine.

Here are the steps to create a proxy IP through Google App Engine that can help you unblock Facebook website in a matter of seconds.

  1. Download python 2.6.4.exe  setup file and install the software on the device by following on-screen instructions
  1. Download Google App engine setup.exe file and save it on the desktop. Once downloaded successfully, double-click on the setup file.
  1. Once the dashboard is opened, provide the file, where the software needs to get installed.
  1. Follow step-by-step instructions as seen on the screen to get the Google App engine installation completed.
  1. Click on the finish button, doing which a web browser is displayed, in which you will find the find the button “Create An Application”
  1. Upon clicking this, you are asked to enter the phone number & select country and carrier.
  1. Click on the send button and enter an account code being received on the device.
  1. Now validate the account code by pressing the send button
  1. Once the code gets validated, a new slide is displayed, in which it is asked to provide a name in application identifier section.
  1. Press Check Availability button to see if the name provided for application identifier is unique.
  1. If yes, then proceed towards providing title to the application and press save button to make the changes effective.
  1. The confirmation will get displayed on the screen with the message “ Application Registered Successfully”
  1. Now go to the desktop screen, and double-click on the shortcut icon of the Google App engine.
  1. On the first occasion, a warning message is displayed on the screen and then the dashboard appears on the screen.
  1. Take your mouse to the Edit option in the drop down menu and click on preferences option.
  1. A dialog box gets displayed upon clicking the preferences option.
  1. In the box, four empty sections are seen in which you need to provide the details of Python path, App engine SDK, and deployment server
  1. Click the Select button at the end of these sections and provide the path details
  1. Leave the deployment server section empty and click on OK button to close the section
  1. Once the dialog box is closed, navigate your mouse to the File section and click on the option “Add Existing Application”
  1. A rectangular box will overlap the main dashboard in which you will see an empty section “Application settings path”. Click the browse button to provide the path of proxy.
  1. Enter the Port number: 8080 and click on Add button.
  1. Once you click on ‘Add’ button, it gets listed on the Google App engine.
  1. Now you need to make changes by adding an App ID to the file. For that, select the file and click on the edit button in the menu section of the Google App engine
  1. Type App ID in the file and press ‘CTRL+S’ to make the changes effective.
  1. Now close the file by open the drop down options under file option and clicking the exit option.
  1. Now it’s a turn to deploy applications to Google
  1. Press the deploy button in Google App Engine and wait for a dialog box to open.
  1. Once it gets displayed on the screen, enter the email & password and press continue button
  1. Once the continue button is displayed, a notepad file overlaps the dashboard in which url is generated to open a web page in the browser.
  1. Open your desired web browser and type the url with the app name provided in the beginning stage.
  1. You will now a see the manually created proxy webpage with an empty box to provide url and then press Go button
  1. Type facebook.com and perform testing if it is working properly or not. If it works, then the login page of Facebook gets displayed on your screen in seconds

  Listed below are the benefits of own proxy site

  1. Minimal chances of getting blocked by system admin as the proxy server has a unique id
  2. Can be completely trusted, as this proxy site is created by you manually.
  • Try using Facebook mobile version

    The mobile version of the Facebook site can be accessed by typing m.facebook.com in the device on which Facebook is already blocked. It will definitely work if the system administrator in your corporate office, school or colleges has blocked the site by typing the facebook.com and has ignored mobile version to block the social media site access on the desktop or laptop device.

  • Modify DNS of ISP 

    You can modify DNS of ISP anytime you want as it has no relation if system admin has blocked facebook.com on the Open DNS or Google Public DNS can be used to open these sites. On some occasions, users are not able to access websites due to DNS error.

Here is how you can unblock Facebook website on your device by making modifications in DNS of ISP:

  1. Open DNS Server Address:,
  2. Google DNS Server address:
  3. IPv4:,
  4. IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888, 2001:4860:4860::8844
  • Use Phone WI-Fi Hotspot to create a personal network

-Disable wireless network of your desktop/laptop device

-Enable the hotspot section on your Smartphone device

-Now enable a wireless connection on your PC by choosing the mobile hotspot name.

-Visit Facebook website on the computer

  • Access Facebook accounts as an Anonymous user through ‘Tor’ browser

    Tor browser allows you to browse internet without any identity. You can easily access the facebook.com even if it is blocked on your device by the system admin. So, anonymous websites can be the way to unblock Facebook access on a particular device.

  • Access Facebook through Proxy IP

    Proxy IP can be used to easily unblock the access to a Facebook website on the device on which system administrator has already applied network settings. The advanced web browser provides emphatic functionalities to the user by using the built-in option (under connection settings).

  • Private Browsing Window

It can be one other option to access Facebook website even if it is blocked as Proxy IP encapsulated within it actually works to unleash the access to social media sites on the same device on which security is already implemented.

  • Use Registered Email Address to Stay Connected with Facebook 

    As the notification sent by Facebook contacts is also saved as messages in Inbox folder, you can access the social media page even if blocked on a particular device. The email inbox works as a third party panel through which Facebook can be accessed in minutes even if it is blocked on a particular device

  • Keep peeping into Windows task manager to find any suspicious activity

    Keep accessing windows task manager to find any suspicious activity happening in the device in the background upon unleashing Facebook account that was already blocked on the device.

  • Scan your PC with updated virus definitions in the Windows Defender

         It’s always recommended to scan the PC with Windows Defender that should be properly updated with virus definitions

How to Start Facebook Proxy Bypass?

Though in schools and colleges, students; generally fail to access the proxy websites as those are also blocked. The IT team does not leave any table unturned to block the Facebook access.

In order to access Facebook on the desktops/laptops in schools and colleges with secure WI-FI connection, it is essential to unblock proxy server for Facebook Access.

Now the question arises how to unblock proxy Facebook login?

It is only possible by installing VPN on the device that can help in the Facebook Proxy Bypass

Here is the list of free and paid VPN desktop applications that can bypass the proxy site Facebook as its access is blocked on the device

  1. CyberGhost Secure VPN
  2. Avira Phantom VPN
  3. Globus Free VPN Browser
  4. Betternet VPN
  5. SecurityKiss VPN
  6. Spotflux
  7. Neorouter VPN
  8. Hotspot Shield VPN
  9. Hola Unblocker Free VPN
  10. TunnelBear VPN

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