Facebook Messenger with Anti-Harassment Tools: For Now You‘re Safe!

Messenger Anti Harrashment Tool

Thanks to Facebook and  Twitter, the world is at least connected socially. Real-time information arrives in a matter of few seconds, which does help a lot in decision making.

Don’t you think there is a bit of over-exposure? Isn’t it a bit annoying when you get some random message about some fake wight losing medicine that sets your Facebook Messenger abuzz? There are users who end up paying a huge price, just because they happen to be active online.

Are you one such victim of online abuse?

Being a victim of online abuse,  you know how things work. Well, there are mechanisms designed to protect you. Most likely, you block the person and assume that things are bound to get good. However, using the loopholes in the existing systems, the person you blocked resurfaces with a new Facebook ID.

In short, you don’t get much of any respite. There are others like you, who are being harassed big time on the social media platform.

Does it mean everything is lost? Is there any way to deal with the recurring abuse and harassment?


Anti-Harassment Tools in Messenger

Perhaps, for this reason, Facebook rolled out some additional features, which in the long run is meant to curb such nasty behaviors. The new anti-harassment tools being integrated into Messenger restricts fake accounts with no authenticity from coming up.

For a change, this augurs well for you and the many victims. Since, the system is designed to detect the IP address of the person, who has been blocked, it denies the account holder from contacting you.

Earlier, the blocked account holder would create a new account and would try to reach you, via the Messenger. This modus operandi is not going to work anymore.

Judging by the nature of events, it appears the intention is to provide you with more control. Until and unless, you make the first move to initiate contact, the blocked person with the account has no chance of interaction.

You can overlook the messages by relegating them to the  “Filtered Messages” tab. The framework within which the anti-harassment tools are created ensure complete safety and distinctly marks a change in the attitude of Facebook. It means, there is a genuine interest to present the users with alternative options, when it comes to safeguarding their interest.


Highlighting the various aspects of Anti-harassment protection

  • Facebook is striving hard to develop systems that can detect fake or inauthentic accounts. Plans are on to prevent duplicate accounts from getting around the usual loophole.
  • Using IP address to recognize accounts that have been previously blocked.
  • The anti-harassment tools run in the background and won’t be accessible to the end -users.
  • It is now easy to ignore messages, which you don’t want to see. Just by tapping on a message in the Messenger, you have a chance to disable notifications and move the same into the Filtered Message folder.
  • You can also check the messages in the conversation and the sender won’t even know if you had gone through it or not.


Antigone Davis, Global Head of Safety at Facebook, said “We take stern action against those who bully and harass. We also review reports take relevant action by removing content, disabling accounts and limited certain features like commenting on people, who have consistently violated  the community standards.”

So, with these new features, it looks like, you finally have the resources that can be utilized to stay away from the abusers.


Are the anti-harassment tools progressive in nature?

Until Facebook made it a point to roll out the anti-harassment tools, the social media giant came under a lot of criticism. Regulators and civic agencies were of the view that the company was not doing anything concrete to prevent the rising incident of harassment.

When a medium that was introduced to connect people starts to divide them, things do get a bit of out hand. To counter this narrative, FB had to do something and this is where experts were called in from a variety of fields. This was done so as to provide adequate safety resources to people in need.

It has come to notice that journalist and women, in particular, are the worst affected. Hence, the anti-harassment tools were systematically devised to proactively recognize any such threats. In a new development, the company even announced about teaming up with National Network to End Domestic Violence, in order to better understand the various nuances of threats prevailing online.

The basic idea is to provide a safety net and on that front, the anti-harassment tools do play a pivotal role. In this age, where you give much prominence to your online security, the tools for anti-harassment appears to be a nice addition.

At least,  you are safe for now!


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