Facebook Lite: The Low-Calorie Version of Social Networking!!


Have you ever considered the amount of data that is utilized, when you are on Facebook? This can be a matter of concern if you have a limited data plan. What if your phone was old and did not really support the Facebook app? Besides, there is also the issue of slow internet speeds, which only make things worse.

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The only possible answer – Go and Get Facebook Lite app. It is a toned down version of the Facebook app and meant for those users, who are looking for a way to cut down the flab. Initially, the app was introduced to serve the needs of users from developing countries, where the internet connect was at best dubious and painfully slow.

Since the app is just about 1.68 MB in size, it is easy to download and install. Besides, it makes use of fewer data. This usually means any user can check the New Feed, without worrying about consuming too many data. Installation is never a problem and it can pretty much run on any Android phone.


Is Facebook Lite App Available in the US?

As of now, Facebook Lite is available in most of the countries and that includes the US as well. Irrespective of where you are and what you do, the availability of the app can be truly considered as a game changer of sorts.

The app is a good news for those, who are perturbed by the high cost of the data connections. Since the app practically does not require much of any data, this literally helps the users to save a great deal of money.

So, those with Android phones and looking for a way to cut down their expenses on the expensive data plans, Facebook Lite app  for Android can be a good choice. As far as iPhone users are concerned, they might feel a bit laid down. Facebook Lite for iPhone isn’t yet made available and doesn’t look like it will come up anytime soon.


What’s So Special About the App?

To start with, there is nothing exceptional that sets it apart from its beefed-up cousin!

For a change, the retro design does provide an eerie feeling and attempts to cram in more by including smaller texts and the white space too is diminished.  The minimalistic look along with the simplified graphics is not nearly eye-catching. But it does work and allows the users to upload videos and photos, share and comment, like posts and so forth.

However, some of the features are indeed missing. The swiping is not really up to the mark and it lacks certain finesse.

At best, the app has been streamlined to operate more efficiently and might feel a bit laid back in the long run. But your main objective is to save more data and you are not just interested in something fancy.


Is There Anything Exceptional within the App?

In no uncertain terms must you expect anything out of the blue. The Facebook Lite app is essentially meant to provide no surprise. For instance, the comments windows do not open up, the texts are small and there is hardly any animation involved.

With the app essentially meant to save your precious data, some of the amenities are not part of any standard package. Even to check the new photos and posts on Facebook, you have to place a request. Other than these, videos will auto-play only on Wi-Fi and not on data connection.

The setting panels too are simplified to address your most basic concern. It is almost like you are getting what you had paid for. The only difference herein is your main emphasis on saving as many data plans, as you can.


Does it Make Any Sense to Download Facebook Lite?

In the end, it all comes down to what your preferences are.

Since you are hell bent on reducing the data consumption and save a few extra money, then it is worth getting Facebook Lite app. This way, you are less likely to burn data and it practically lets you stay connected.

Of course, the app is not necessarily up to the mark. But having the same installed on your phone indeed makes for an interesting change. Yes, you are likely to miss the animations and other innovative features, which are not quite available with the Lite app. However, just consider the extra data that you stand to save, which is always beneficial, under the circumstances.

Facebook Lite app is not going to go down as something rather innovative. In fact, it was more inspired to present the users with a basic alternative that can help them stay connected. The app is not that refined, but it works and this really changes the whole perception.

A  fair degree of experimentation becomes necessary when the situation demands. You will never know it unless you make it a point to use the app for good.

So, spend some time and get the drift. If not, there is always something around that you can look up to.


Having Trouble with Facebook Lite

More or less, there will be a few areas, wherein you might need some advice when it comes to Facebook Lite app. You never know. It could be for anything and there is no easy way out. Even then, with the support of experts from the Facebook live chat team, you will eventually find a way out. The experts will come up with all the necessary answers to your many questions. Feel free to get in touch with them,at any point in time.