I Don’t Know How to Get Started with Google Hangouts? Can Anyone Help

How to use Google Hangouts

With the world getting advanced as the days passing by, everyone is supposed to be aware of Google Hangouts application and its working to leverage this technology for flourishing or propelling their business activities But, there are certain steps to be implemented carefully in order to get started with Google Hangouts.

How to Start Google Hangouts

  • Google Hangouts Profile Creation:

    The very first thing that a beginner should keep in mind while looking to get started with Google Hangouts is that he/she should have a Google+ Profile to perform any kind of activity such as personal hangout or Hangouts on Air. Your Google + Account should be 100% complete and is supposed to have an attractive


Your account should be terrific and should appear like a great profile with attractive images and sound information. The appealing Google +profile play an important part as potential guests will check the same when you announce the hangout. They would like to know about you by reading the content that outlines your biography that is available on Google+ Profile.

Here are certain points that need to be considered while creating Google Hangouts  Profile:

  1. Provide appealing information about yourself, which force the readers to know more about you. It should contain your educational qualification, participation in extra-curricular activities during academic days, details about your employment in past organization and necessary contributions made, places you visited recently as well as in the past.
  1. Get connected with the people whom you are influenced with so that they can start following you and get encircled to display on your profile.
  1. Share interesting stuff on Google+ dashboard to make people inspired with you. Do remember all your sharing will get reflected on public.
  1. The Google+1s images and video shared by you ought to be attractive and should convey some informative message. By doing this, you will create eagerness to read your shared posts, images and videos that get reflected on a timely basis, which will increase your credibility in the Google+ social networking podium.
  1. When you are about to write an informative content, create an attractive headline that should create curiosity among the users. Though it’s a mandatory guideline, you are doing SEO for a particular domain but it’s also important to make the audience engaged towards the write-up you have created on the public wall of Google+ along with appealing imag
  • Announcing Your Hangout:

    Google+ Event functionality, allow users to create an event and invite people to participate in the event, which generally works for hangouts in the same manner. All you need to do is to click on the event button in Google+ sidebar menu to get started.


If you want the newly-created event to work as a hangout, then opt for an event-type from the drop-down menu and then provide the most appealing title, date, time, location and a description that creates curiosity among the invited people to attend Google Hangouts. A person to whom invite is sent, if give his/her her consent to be part of Hangouts, will automatically get added to his/her Google calendar and the reminder is given to that particular person on a daily basis until the event dates approach.

Holding a regular hangout up to 9 people on simultaneous basis is really an easy task, which can also be completed using Hangout on Air that can easily be streamed through a link on Google+ profile. The recording is done automatically for Hangout on Air and will also be saved on the YouTube account associated with it. Sharing of video can be done anytime among friends through a streaming link.

  • Hangout Resources:

    Preparation for Hangouts should be done alike going for an official meeting or giving a presentation. Gather all those resources that can make your Hangout more exciting and memorable.


  1. First of all, a banner or poster is supposed to be created for giving a unique theme to your hangout that needs to be setup behind you to popularize your hangout. It’s the best idea to make people get a feel good factor than getting annoyed seeing a bare wall.
  2. Hangouts can easily integrate with other Google services making things easy and convenient. You can easily share documents, images or videos saved in Google Drive among audience seen in Hangout. YouTube videos can be shared and viewed together on Google Hangout. The Hangout Apps can be used to a huge extent for additional collaboration.
  1. On the very day of scheduled Hangout, you need to make sure that everything is working perfectly. All the functionalities in Google Hangouts are up to the mark. Audience participating in Hangout should be requested to introduce themselves.

Do utilize the built-in features and tell the person to lead from the front; who is supposed to give the presentation to make people aware regarding the technology being upgraded with the world getting digitalized. Other than this, various other discussions are being made on different topics as per the information needed by a particular person. You can also take questions day before hangouts from the audience, who are willing to join the hangout.

  • After the Hangout is Over:

    There are certain activities that need to be performed after the Hangout is over.

  1. Share the video conference if you have done through Hangouts on Air.
  2. The chat transcript can also be shared using new Google+ tools.
  3. Have a follow-up session with an audience who participated in Hangouts about their experience.
  4. Take opinion from the guests at the end of Hangout sessions about the innovative steps that can be done to make things more exciting.
  5. Ask Hangout members about the queries or questions, they have in mind for which answers can be shared.
  6. Create an event to make the first hangout memorable.

What Google Hangouts Pay Off in Obligation?

  • Help you interact face to face with audience
  • Assist in showcasing the expertise you possess
  • Offer intensive training through online video tutorials
  • Render a helping hand in launching your product or services
  • Deliver 24×7-365 days customer service with support phone number
  • Help you become a broadcaster to update audience with recent news.
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