Gmail with Third-Party Add-Ons – Is It Going to be a Neat Arrangement!

Add Ons

Everyone knows, Google’s Gmail now supports third-party add-ons. But what does it bring to the table? For an individual user, the question is whether the supposed add-ons will make any difference or not.

It does not matter if you are an individual user or representing an enterprise. The extensions, more or less are designed to empower you avail services like Asana, DocuSign, Wrike, and Trello, along with many others, which you can access directly from the inbox.

Google was quite clear about these updates when the company announced that this feature was coming anytime soon, way back in March’2017 at the I/O conference. Of course, initially, it was considered to be a preview for developers. Since then, Google has been working closely with its partners to release the first few set of native extensions to Gmail.


What’s new?

Earlier, the users had to install the plugins for the different set of environment, for instant, Chrome and non G-suite apps. However, in the present arrangement, the plugins are available within Gmail and when installed, comes into play on almost all the devices,  where the account is accessed.


How to find them?

In order to locate the add-ons or plugins, you just need to do the following:-

  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right of your Gmail window.
  • Now, scroll down to the  “Get Add-ons” section.

Gmail Addons

  • You can now browse through the plugins that are available.

Gmail Addons

  • Simply find them and install them.

Gmail Addons

  • You will also find plugins that integrate emails into Asana and Trello.


A comprehensive list of  add-ons that are available

  • Asana – Helps to keep track of your communication with clients, customers, and team-mates, directly from the inbox.
  • Dialpad – It can be used to call colleagues or sent messages from your device, at any point in time. You can also view any recent conversation and add contacts, directly from Gmail.
  • DocuSign (Coming soon) – Using the DocuSign add-on, you will be in a position to sign and carry out contracts, agreements, and other documents, directly in Gmail.
  • Hire – Besides, adding potential candidates, you can also manage candidate information, apart from uploading resumes, without having to sign-out from Gmail.
  • Intuit QuickBooks Invoicing – Allows you to create and send professional invoices, directly to Gmail. Makes it easy for customers to pay online and keep a track of invoice status and payments.
  • ProsperWorks – Enables you to access a prospect or customer data and that of log activities from calls, demos, and meetings. Also lets you scan related opportunities, tasks, and events.
  • Ring Central– Lets you see the offline/online status of Ring Central contacts. You can also review recent calls, make outbound calls( provided you have Ring Central enabled in mobile), apart viewing and sending SMS messages.
  • Smartsheet – Now, add any email content and attachments directly to Smartsheet, without having to leave Gmail.
  • Streak – You can view contact info, add email threads and respond with snippets by using Streak add-on in Gmail.
  • Trello – With Trello, you can easily turn email into an actionable task, which then allows you to present the team with a shared perspective on what needs to be done.
  • Wrike – View and update task details and provides you an opportunity to create Write tasks from emails. You can also receive and send Wrike task comments.

Most of the add-on are targeted towards people who are in sales and in customer relationship. The whole thing appeals to business customers and there’s nothing wrong with it. At least, it gives the users a chance to utilize the add-ons from one central point.


Any major letdowns!

As of now, the add-ons that are being made available are completely business oriented. Plans are on to release regular versions for individual users and Google is working on developing plugins that suit the current need.

However, the feature is only available on browsers and Android devices. There is no clear date, as to when they will appear in other platforms. One major letdown is that of iOS support, which is not available yet. Nevertheless, Brooks Hocog, spokesperson for Google said: “ We are currently trying to work out with Apple, so as to bring Gmail add-ons to iOS users.”


The 3 Big Positives

  1. 1. The add-ons allow app developers to integrate their app functionality, directly with Gmail.
  2. With the features, business professionals stand to accomplish tasks for third-party apps, for which there is no need to leave Gmail.
  3.  Allow developers to write their own add-on codes, which are bound to work across Android and the web.

The Gmail add-ons are programmed in a neat arrangement, which to an extent seem to be a nice option for the users. Functionality is the key and as long as the plugins are accessible, the users will never have an issue.


In Need of Expert Advice

Confused with the whole add-on set up with Gmail? Well, you might look for experts. If you are in need of any need of technical support for Gmail, feel free to use the toll-free phone number, so as to get prompt assistance.