Are You Aware of Google Hangout Benefits?

Google Hangouts benefits

As you already know about the special features about Google Hangouts but here are some additional interesting thing you would love to know.

Google Hangouts Amusing Facts

  • Google Hangouts for Entertainment


  1. Concerts: Google Hangouts help you feel like attending music concerts just by sitting at home. Large music shows for concert lovers can be done by using Hangouts on Air. Now watch your favorite pop star performing Live anywhere while travelling or from the comfort of home. With Hangouts on Air, it’s also possible to make an interaction with the musician or artist; you admire the most incase being the luckiest to be a part of one of the ten people in a video chat on Hangout.


The studio mode streaming option facilitated by Google, assure that audio quality should be flawless and soothing as always. Being a musician if you want to entertain the audience, then Google Hangouts can be the best odium to enhance your skills. Recording your child’s first step in the garden can be done easily and shared among the known ones by streaming a link on Hangouts on Air.


  1. Games Night: Video chatting through Hangouts on Air can be a pleasurable experience for one; who can catch up with known ones as Google has provided a podium to get connected with 10 people at a time as well as offer a terrific option to play long distance games night with known-ones quite closer to you.


No matter you are leading from the front when it comes to inviting people, play intense table top role playing games, or charades or games available in latest version of Hangout application such as card against humanity also called Hangouts against humanity, Google Hangouts really help you enjoy pleasurable moments with people you meet on Hangouts and get connected which clearly indicates that you are not up to performing smaller talks but a much stronger relationship with them whose company you can benefit with in upcoming time.


  • Enjoying Google Hangouts with Family and Friends


  1. Watch Action and Thrillers Movies: As the news is publicly known to everyone that YouTube has now been successfully integrated with Google Inc, users can now easily share video links directly into Google Hangouts on Air to play action and thriller movies. The 10 members on Hangout can watch the video at the same time but they need to give their acceptance for the invitation sent to them for watching a specific video at scheduled time. Watching movies together with friends and family on Google Hangout can be a wonderful experience as one can spend time with the known ones for a longer time period even from a long distance.


  1. Capturing Family Memories: You can now save the exciting moments with your friends and family by saving the recorded video of live conference done with loved ones through Hangouts on Air. This streaming video generated through Hangout application can save on your YouTube channel. Hangouts on air offer a best chance to capture exciting glimpses with your loved ones in the video even if you are located far away.


Be, it is introducing your toddler to his/her granny located overseas or your kids interviewing their grandparents about their life when they were young and energetic, all these precious or invaluable moments can be captured or recorded easily with the social media podium launched by Google.


  • Google Hangouts for Displaying Creativeness Among Audience


  1. Collaborating: Numerous tools offered by Google Drive, are available for collaboration But a real time video dialogue or voice can make the things more pragmatic and has the ability to convert this collaboration from competent to exemplary.


The videos made with the tools available in Google Docs can be the best example in this scenario. Watching this video will let you know what more can be added to this to make it more appealing and generate more views from the audience.


With the availability of Google Hangouts on Air, everything can be made possible and look perfect. As Google Doc is concurrently used with Hangouts on Air, it can make you feel easier when looking to collaborate on a web tool along with using Google Hangout, which can be an enormous initiative to suggest the idea as well help in improving communications. An adoring functionality of Google Hangout helps to have a glance at the facial expression of people, who are looking interested to gain knowledge along with analyzing the intonation after watching their vocal expressions.


  1. Crowd Sourcing: If there is a plan creeping up in your mind to launch a new product, Google Hangout can be the best platform for that as you can generate target audience to have a direct interaction with them and can get their valuable support. Do not forget to give them a chance to ask the question, offer feedback and provide comments to your posts, can prove to be a helping hand; when you are looking to popularize the product across the globe through the web.


  • Google Hangouts for Work


  1. Interviews: Being at an IT manager profile, do you really want a candidate to come from a distance and attend the interview physically? Really not, when Google Hangouts option is gaining popularity across the globe. It can also make create a good impression in the mind of the candidate about the advanced techniques being used by the organization to conduct the interview.

Google Hangout can really help candidates to get their interview scheduled and organized in a best possible manner. Whether it is a one-to-one interview or group discussion; Hangouts on Air can be really a convenient method so that interviewer can easily converse with the candidate, available at any geographical location without any hassle.

  1. Presentations: If your organization has chosen you to make a presentation to clients during the upcoming weekend, then no need to hesitate as meetings can be arranged conveniently using Hangouts on Air instead of being in-person to a specific geographical location. Doing this will help you make a business presentation to clients and enjoy your precious moments with loved ones at home.
  • Google Hangouts Helps Learning A New Language:

Every 3rd person in the world has a dream to learn a new language. As language learning apps compatible with Windows, Android and IOS device are available in abundance, nothing can be better for a person to learn a new language of his/her desire with the help of a person; who knows to read and speak in that language with proficiency.


Nothing can be better than using Google hangouts on Air to get connected with a person knowing the particular language. Hangouts can be used in a better way to communicate with any person anywhere across the globe, free of cost without any obligation. Many of the people in language learning Google+ community has taken complete advantage and have learned many new languages attending Live video conference using Hangouts on Air.

No matters you are looking to learn new language by getting added in language learning community, the native person (in that specific language suppose to be learnt) is one you need to get connected through Google Hangout as he/she can guide you during real time language learning as well as help you improving the accent as well as vocal expressions.

  • Attending Seminar: Google Hangouts are quite identical to lecture generally given through a YouTube video. Only one difference between them is interactions that are made possible during Live video conference using Hangouts on Air. Seminars can be easily attended using Hangouts on Air Applications as live streaming is being displayed on the screen of the audience who attend the seminar and listen to the discussions made there among experts on a specific topic.


The best example of seminar that was attended through Hangouts is the discussion hosted by NASA, when they connected with two astronauts on international space station along with young patient recently operated at Seattle Children’s hospital as well as many other viewers, who showed interest to attend the seminar when the event was creating in this regards several days back on Google+ social network website.

  • Verbal Exchange between Student and Teachers: During examination days, students need the guidance of teachers to revise the syllabus of subjects being taught to them in an academic year. With Google Hangout on Air, teacher can get connected with maximum of 10 students at a time on a video conference and get their subject revised and provide answers to the questions put by students so that they can be well-prepared for the final exams before taking the same fortnight.
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