Really Unaware of Google Hangouts!! Know its Amazing Features

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is a podium, developed and incepted by Google+ to meet, chat or broadcast messages among the known ones, added to the Gmail contact list. Whenever you feel like interacting with friends or someone very special, Google Hangouts can be the sought-after solution for quick intermingles.

Google Hangouts desktop app is developed; taking into consideration the compatibility with Android, IOS and Windows device is quite different from apps offering video chatting services that eventually offer features, communities and most effective options to get accessed publicly. It performs an essential role in having a conversation with not only among the people in contact list but with everyone across the globe.

As hangout functionality launched by Google+ generally gets incorporated with messaging app being used previously, users can go through the chat history with a particular person by clicking on option seen in the left sidebar of Gmail dashboard.

All interactions with people included or not in contact list as well as from are saved in the Chat category sorted by date. The entire conversation done on Google+ Hangouts application can also be easily read using Google Talk chat application, already installed in previous versions of Windows OS and Mac OS X.

Features in Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts on Air:

As Google, Hangouts services is a video conversation that can easily be conducted between you and other 10 people (upon adding them individually via email address) chosen within the contact list. Large-scale services are being offered by Google hangouts on Air; where the conversation can be broadcasted to anyone in a group through a streaming link. ON Air Broadcast features can be used by Google Hangouts users in real time through text questions.

Google Hangouts Screen Sharing:

Screen sharing is the amazing feature you can avail while using Google Hangouts as anyone else in your group is allowed to see your computer screen. Screen sharing with Google Hangouts can be helpful in demonstrating the presentations, making other learn about computer skills or showing images of your home and pets; whom you care about.

Chat Functionality:

It’s really not necessary that communication with the known one can be only possible using video or phone call feature in Google Hangouts as one other feature such as chat application, can come into action when people like to message each other on personal hangout or using common dashboard, also known as Hangouts on Air. The chat transcripts are saved by Google for future reference.


Performing communication using Google hangouts is completely safe as the communication done through it gets automatically encrypted. Business people are relieved knowing about this news as they generally perform confidential or sensitive business discussions online.

Non-Google+ Users:

The users who do not use Google + or those do not have the app can still be involved easily in Google hangouts. As long as users have active Gmail account, he/she can easily access Hangouts through the web In order to go through Google Hangouts on Air, you need a valid link to the stream.

Why Need to Join Google Hangouts?

Send and Receive Hangouts Messages:

One of the benefits joining Google Hangouts is sending and receiving messages. You can start hangout with single person or group of people.

Use Hangouts for Video calls:

Another main reason behind joining hangouts is that you can interact with your contacts through video and voice call.

Make Phone calls:

People from any geographical region of the world can make free phone calls to the United States and Canada through phone call using hangout application with WI-FI connection.

Send text messages:

You can send text messages using Google Hangouts with your Google voice. Using the android device, Hangouts can be used in Android device to send text messages using carrier phone number.

Share thoughts, images, video, location, and emoji:

Joining Google Hangouts, you can easily share your thoughts/views, recent images and videos as well as emoji with your known ones. The location can also be shared with selected people using Hangouts.

In case you have any problems using Google Hangouts, then you are supposed to take assistance from well-trained and qualified Gmail tech support team working with Google Inc just by giving a call at official phone lines associated with Google email helpline number.

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