Download and Secure Your Essential Data from Facebook Before Its Too Late

Download FB Data

It’s actually hard to believe about the alarming privacy concerns that have jolted every Facebook user. As this is supposed to be considered as a wake-up call, you should be clever enough to act smartly. All you need to do is downloading the essential data from the Facebook to prevent it from getting public.

As your data security can’t be trusted anymore and that too in the hands of Facebook, an appropriate action has to be taken in a proper way. But before that, some security measures are applied that can help you download data. Facebook account settings can be accessed to make certain changes for securing the data.

“The only way to secure your personal information is to download the data from Facebook and leave no traces to make your data revealed to the public”


Why I’m Telling All this to you? There Must Be Some Reason Behind It

There are certain things that should not be unveiled. But for your convenience, I would like to make everyone aware of the certain reasons that will actually influence you to take certain actions for securing the data from being accessed and used by Facebook for its own benefit.

Facebook possesses a record of each and every activity since the day you’re registered with this social media account. Right from posting the screenshot and pictures on your FB wall to uploading videos, Facebook also records how many ads you’ve clicked that help it detect the interest you show towards the particular niche/niches.

See, I’m not alone in terms of criticizing the FB trustworthiness. It’s also been done by Cambridge Analytica news to make users realize what Facebook is actually up to. According to them, the Facebook users these days are being treated as products but not customers in any case.

Your fault also lies there as well. Access of your phone device is given to Facebook Lite & messenger as well as Messenger Lite upon its installation on Android or iOs device. Doing this, it derives the contact as well as text messages saved in the device.

Make sure, you modify the privacy settings of your Facebook account in quick time to secure the personal data so that it is not visible to unknown people. If you’re not able to do so, take Facebook technical help experts who can get this done easily.


Deactivate Facebook Account – The Best Option To Fix This Security Issue

As Facebook is taking access of your device details like email and phone contacts and making them public, it’s better to save essential Facebook data by downloading the giant archive file that appears before deleting or deactivating the social media account. Though you’re a mobile freak, I would recommend you to get this done through the web browser.

As I do have Facebook App on my phone but always prefer implementing any vital action using Mac Book.


The Process to Create Backup Before Deactivation

  1. Access Facebook account with login credentials.
  2. Click down-arrow key navigate to the settings option.
  3. Just click it once to open General account settings page.
  4. As the page gets displayed, you’ll find the tab “Facebook information”. Click it.
  5. Once the slide changes, click view next to the option: Download your information”.
  6. In the next slide, check the type of information that needs to be saved.
  7. Click the option date range to select the time duration of which you need to save the data.
  8. Finally, press the button “Create a file”.
  9. As you do it, ‘download your Archive button’ will appear on the screen. Just press it and follow the procedure.
  10. The items you selected to create a backup, get stored in the folder you selected to save the archive file.


As if you’re unaware regarding how to download Facebook data, follow the above-mentioned steps to get it at ease.

Now you can proceed ahead and deactivate the Facebook account to prevent usage of personal information by Facebook. In the case of deactivation, FB account gets disabled on a temporary basis and can be accessed anytime when you enter the login credentials.

But if you opt to delete the Facebook account after taking a complete backup, only a couple of weeks are provided to regain back the deleted FB account. After that time period is over, you’ll lose that Facebook account permanently.


Concluding The Things Altogether.

Now you should be quite aware of how important it is to secure the personal data from Facebook. It’s actually a wake-up call to not let FB use your personal details for its own benefit.

Though there is no Facebook live chat support for online assistance, had such provision been available it too could not have benefited you either. It’s better you should not leave any loophole in terms of data security and imply all measures by yourself to protect the mishaps of any kind.