How To Recover Hacked Facebook Account

Recover Facebook Account

Is Your Facebook Account Compromised!! Recover Hacked Facebook Account Now

As internet users are getting quite addicted about accessing Facebook account on daily basis from any location, this habit can sometimes make them fall in big trouble or prey to some major problem like Facebook hacking or compromise in case they are not aware of the precautions to keep their FB account secure. With increasing popularity of Facebook, the large number of users look to get registered with this social media or social networking website.

As internet access is available at various public places such as internet cafe, library, train station and airports, the network connection enabling users to get connected with FB social networking website is completely insecure. Scammers wait for a single chance approaching in their favor and hack Facebook account without wasting a second as they are smart enough in doing that with enough experience and knowledge of Facebook account hacking.

Once the Facebook account is hacked; users yell on themselves after making blunder mistakes but it’s too late by then as they are unaware about how to recover hacked Facebook account. FB users get too much frustrated due to hacking of Facebook account as all their personal details, images, videos, business page and contact details are available on the Facebook account that can be misused by the cyber criminals or scammers.

Is My Facebook Account Really Compromised!!

Here are some signs or indications with which you can know that Facebook Account has been compromised:

  • Cannot access Facebook account even after entering correct login credentials
  • Spam messages filled up the Facebook Wall
  • Images have been shared to unknown people
  • Updates made by unknown people
  • Important emails containing attachments have been sent to unknown users
  • Facebook account settings have been modified
  • Facebook Business page has been deleted
  • Unwanted or explicit images have been added to photo album
  • Adult videos and Images have been posted on the Facebook Wall using identity theft technique
  • Chat application been used to interact with friends in contact list.
  • Alternative email address and Recovery Phone number has been changed

Users; regardless of contacting Facebook customer support helpdesk team, keep on getting irritated as they are not aware of the methods to recover Hacked Facebook account.  They try several methods to recover compromised Facebook account but all their efforts go in vain. It’s really strange to say that people who keep accessing Facebook account every now and then through the day, are not aware of the steps to recover Hacked Facebook account. Though instructions are provided by FB for the convenience of users to perform hacked Facebook account recovery, but very few of them are able to implement required steps aligned within the methods.

Here is a short video to recover your hacked Facebook account in minutes

Methods to Recover Hacked Facebook Account:

Are you really frustrated with sudden compromise or hacking of Facebook account? Look upon these methods and implement the steps aligned within to recover compromised Facebook account within few minutes:

Method 1.

  • Open your PC or Smartphone device and click on the web browser to type the complete url: .
  • Wait for few seconds as Facebook web page sometimes take the time to load.
  • Click on the button displayed on web page “My Facebook Account is compromised”


Step 1

  • Enter you email/number/username and press the search button to proceed further.


Step 2

  • Enter the old or existing password correctly and press on the Continue button for next step.


Step 3


  • Choose the reason you think why your account is compromised.


Step 4


  • As soon as the web page is displayed, press the button shown on the screen with the name “ Get started” to proceed with the steps of compromised Facebook password recovery


Step 5


  • Once the validation of account details is completed successfully, continue button gets enabled. Press the same and proceed further to follow the steps that help in keeping the account secure.


Step 6


  • Enter the new password twice to secure the Facebook account from further malicious activities. It is recommended not to share it with anyone to maintain the privacy of the Facebook account.


Step 7


  • Press the continue button and let your Facebook password reset process get completed successfully.
  • Check the third party apps which are linked with your account or simply ‘Skip’.


Step 8


  • Checkboxes seen on the web page need to be clicked in order to send you the notifications or press skip.


Step 9


  • Once the process is completed, you are authorized to use your Facebook account.


Step 10


  • As soon as you are able to regain the access after following these above-mentioned steps, modify the account settings and security details to prevent Facebook account compromise issues in future

Method 2.

  • Open your PC or Smartphone device and click on the web browser to type the complete url:
  • Click on the link Forgotten account that is seen below the login form.
  • Enter the email address or registered phone number or complete name before pressing the search button as it is done for authenticating your ownership on the Facebook account.
  • Once the validation is done successfully, three options are displayed automatically which are “Use my Google account” , “email link for Facebook password reset” and “ text code to reset password”.
  • A user can choose any of these methods to recover hacked Facebook account password in order to reset hacked FB account password with the help of Facebook password recovery methods and make modifications in account settings in order to get stronghold on the Facebook account.

The Majority of the FB users cannot implement the above-mentioned methods and steps to recover Hacked Facebook account. They need quality assistance from Facebook help desk team, where experts can help them understand the procedure and implement steps to recover hacked Facebook password.

Users can directly contact FB phone support team through a channelized way by dialing Facebook customer care helpline number with which quick assistance can be availed from qualified experts;  who are proficient in dealing with all kind of problems related to Facebook account compromise or Facebook password hacking issues in quick time.

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  1. I am unable to login with my login credentials but my friends are complaining about some unusual posts on my timeline. I am doubtful if my account has been hacked. Is there any way to recover it back as I am unable to recover it myself because my account information is also changed by the hacker?

    1. Now a days, Facebook is also being used by the hackers for misusing personal account of other users. So, therefore every user must be careful regarding usage of his/her account on Facebook. User can follow below tips
      • Stay updated with activities through mobile and email notification
      • Active code generator for your Fb account
      However, It seems that your account is already hacked so, thereby you can recover it by given above steps or you can call Facebook customer toll free number.

  2. Last month, my Facebook account was hacked. I wasn’t able to access my Facebook account and someone else was posting inappropriate stuff from my account. Due to which I was so disturbed but Facebook customer support experts helped me out and now I’m using my account nicely. Thank you Gonetech solutions.

  3. I was searching for the same service that has provided by Gonetech solutions since very long time. Trying to resolve hacked account issue on my own is not less than a disaster to me. That’s why I’m very thankful to experts of Gonetech. You helped me out within time.

  4. I really appreciate the way Gonetech provide useful information on its site and help many Facebook users to solve their issues. I was so frustrated as my Facebook account was hacked. But this page really helped me out and I solved my issues on my own. Thank you for posting such relevant content.

  5. My Facebook account has been hacked all of sudden and I was not sure whom to ask a solution for it. Then, one of my friends told me about the gonetech site, where qualified technicians provide reliables services and exact solutions right after one call by the user. I’m really thankful to the whole team of Gonetech who provided me instant support and helped me to save my important data.

  6. I am unable to login with my login credentials but my friends are complaining about some unusual posts on my timeline. I am doubtful if my account has been hacked. Is there any way to recover it back as I am unable to recover it myself because my account information is also changed by the hacker?

  7. My Facebook got hacked, he got into both my emails and now every time I try to go onto Facebook, my entire page freaks out and it’s all in Arabic! Hellppp!

  8. How can I recover my reported account after 2years
    My girlfriend reported my account in anger
    I didn’t even knew it.
    Today when I was login I was unable to login
    It’s shown your email address doesn’t match any account.
    Please help me to recover my account

  9. My Facebook is hacked from someone from along time a go from someone from 2014 I can not recover my hacked Facebook that got hacked from someone from along time a go from 2013 it Doe’s not show my Google account or my email account just my Yahoo account I don’t remember anymore I want my Facebook that got hacked i cannot loging to my hacked Facebook that has Kyle Vance with heart that has my Mario Bros Wii shirt am wearing in the locket that says I love you on the locket I can not recover my hacked Facebook

  10. My FB ws temporily deactivated bck in jne tried loggiybck i. nw account is GONE COMPLETELY cn yo help recover account..i did not permanently delete

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