Know: How To Download Facebook Stories Photos, Videos on Mobile or Desktop?

How To Save Facebook Stories on Android or iphone Device

Facebook Stories is completely an innovative step taken to make users gain attention to your latest news feeds. This feature can be used easily on PC and mobile device and lasts for only 24 hrs. But have you ever thought “how to save Facebook stories videos?”

You might be surprised why this question has sprung up? There’s a valid reason behind it.

Know The Reason for Saving Facebook Stories

Though you may have old photos or videos in PC or mobile device that can be uploaded to Facebook stories to share publicly or with specific people. But what about the live videos and photos captured adding special effects and shared directly.

Where will you get these videos and pictures after deletion, which was shared on news feed stories directly through Facebook Camera? You won’t be able to find those images or videos in your device camera roll.

The best way is to save or download Facebook stories pictures and videos, which is easily possible through the desktop/mobile web browser as well as Facebook App and Messenger App installed on Android/iPhone device.

It’s not that much technical as you’re thinking of. No matter which device you’re using, just follow the instructions that will definitely help you know how to save the photos and videos posted on Facebook stories.

How to save Facebook stories on Mobile (Android or iPhone) devices?

Now, you can easily save or download Stories on your mobile devices (Android/iPhone) from Facebook App, Facebook Messenger or Mobile web browser.

Can’t You Save Facebook Stories on Android/iPhone? Follow These Steps

  • 1. Save From Facebook App

    Option 1: Save Directly from the Facebook app.

  • Step 1: Open Facebook Story as seen on top of News Feed
  • Step 2: Tap … as seen the bottom right corner of photo or video
  • Step 3: Tap the option Save Photo/Video
  • Step 4: Doing this will save your photo or video
  • Step 5: Now, look for the specific file in the Saved list
  • Step 6: Tap ‘Download’ option to save photo/video in the camera roll

       Option 2: Save Using Facebook Story Saver App.

  • As if you’re an Android user and seeking an option to save Facebook Stories directly in your smartphone device, download the third-party application ‘Story Saver for Facebook’ that can help to fulfill your requirement.


  • 2. Save From Mobile Web Browser.

  • Step 1: Navigate to Facebook Stories and tap it.
  • Step 2: As the photo/video appears, you can download the same
  • Step 3: The specific story will get saved in the camera roll one at a time in zipped or RAR format.

These steps will not only help to download/save your own Facebook stories, but it can also help in saving someone’s stories as well; who are very close or near to you. Just download them and send it t your friends as it can be a real surprise for them, as well.


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How to Save Facebook Messenger Stories?

You can now easily save Facebook messenger stories easily on your Android/iOs device by following below-mentioned.

  • Step 1: Tap ‘Stories’ after opening FB Messenger
  • Step 2: As the image or video prompts up, tap … icon
  • Step 3: Tap ‘Download ’ or ‘save’ video
  • Step 4: Upon tapping download, the story will directly get saved in your device.

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Problem Saving Facebook Stories on Desktop or PC. What to Do?

Don’t panic!! It’s quite feasible to save/download Facebook Stories videos and photos directly into your desktop/PC. But for that, you need to install Facebook Story Downloader on Chrome Web browser that can make things convenient.

Here are the steps that can help you do so.

  • Step 1. Click on the Facebook story to fetch photos/videos on the device screen.
  • Step 2. Right-click on the image or video file and select download option
  • Step 3. In case, you’re not able to do the same, click the extension icon. (Note: This extension works as a Facebook Story saver that accumulates all the photos and videos at one place)
  • Step 4. A Pop-up will open with Facebook stories listed within it.
  • Step 5. Click the download icon next to each story and save it on the PC


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Wrapping up

We’re damn sure, this blog will help you know how to download Facebook stories video or pictures on the desktop/mobile device. As the steps for downloading Facebook stories are mentioned for both desktop and mobile users, following them will help you get the desired stories downloaded in your device.

In case any problem comes across, we would suggest you contact Facebook Live chat support team anytime as the experts available there will help you a great deal and make you understand how to save/download Facebook stories on desktop/Android or iOs devices.