Privacy Policy

Gonetech Solutions; been quite stringent about Privacy policy, is a comfort for users as they can share their personal and non-personal details while availing services from this self governing or autonomous organization rendering digital marketing and IT services at its excellence. User’s acceptance towards services offered by our digital marketing and IT experts, clearly indicates your consent towards Privacy Policy formulated by Gonetech Solutions.

Personal and Non-Personal Information Collection

As per the user safety is concerned,  Gonetech Solutions will be the only owner; who have this information and assurance is provided from the digital marketing company that it will not be leaked or passed over to other people or any other organization established across the globe without taking permission from the concerned person.
Personal and Non Personal Information

  • Any kind of confidential information can be taken by Gonetech Solutions all of the sudden that can help in recognition of client. As no third party company is involved in taking such information, it is done on individual basis by Gonetech to maintain the privacy of confidential details shared by user.
  • Whenever a user has any query regarding digital marketing or IT services offered to him/her, then they have to fill the information such as first name, last name, email address as well as phone number along with the query or problem they face while using IT services offered by experts.
  • The details such as complete credit card number and CVV are considered as personal details of the users and are not stored by Gonetech Solutions in any case as the billing and payment page is secure with SSL layer. Only 4 digits numbers as saved in the database along with card type for informational purpose.

Users should not worry in any case as Gonetech understands the importance of their personal details and it will not be shared to anyone unless specified by owner of those particulars. Modification in personal details can be done by sending an email regarding change or update in the information. There might a scenario when user is no more interested receiving any kind of newsletters, they can send the email in this regards without any hesitation. Legal notice can be sent to the existing users as well as formers in case they are see involved in the practices illegal activities availing usage of digital marketing or IT services offered by Gonetech Solutions.

Security of Personal and Non Personal Information

Gonetech Solutions is completely responsible for keeping all kind of information secured; whether personal or non-personal that are shared by users and maintain the trust user shown while providing their personal details (as mentioned above). In order to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of these secure details, various technologies as well as procedures are implemented and all possible efforts are done to encrypt the details through SSL (Secured Socket Layer) that cannot be accessed, read or used by scammers. Legitimate users to whom personal and non personal details belong, can access the same through secured limited access facility.

Modification in Privacy Policy

Gonetech Solution; at its own discretion, can make changes or modification in Privacy Policy without any prior notification to its new or existing clients. Therefore it is recommended to go through the points in Privacy policy every fortnight. However, email will be sent to the existing and new users once the privacy policy gets updated
Incase any subscribed user with Gonetech Solutions have any query regarding privacy policy mentioned on the website, they can send the same at