Learn: How to Recover Deleted Facebook Messages? Help Me Out.

recover deleted facebook messages

Facebook messenger is developed keeping into consideration for helping users, stay connected with the known ones.  It enables faster communication as well as ensure feasible connectivity. The messages that have been sent to clients or closer ones are always crucial and no one can afford to lose them at any cost. Losing messages from FB can be quite frustrating. It could be of adding more pain to the wound if you do not know how to recover deleted messages back in Facebook messenger.

Have you mistakenly deleted the Facebook messages in which vital information is stored? Are you willing to recover those deleted Facebook messages in minutes? No worries if you are using an Android or any other smartphone device, there is a provision available to recover the deleted messages from Facebook and restore them at the same place where they were actually located.

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Method 1

Recover Facebook Messages from Android Device

Generally, users access the Facebook messenger on Android devices and perform all their activities using the same. On the android device, messenger applies the principle called “Off the internet” which means that another copy of the same messages has been stored in phone memory. There are certain steps that need to be followed for deleted Facebook messenger recovery.

Here is how you can recover Facebook deleted messages through Android device

  • Download the file explorer for Android like ES File explorer which is nicknamed as “ES Global” using Google Play store.
  • Install ES File explorer App on the device and navigate to the storage /SD card
  • The Android folder can be seen in the list of items saved in the card in which all the data related info is accumulated.
  • Double click on the specific folder and therein, you will find the data folder
  • Again open the data folder by double-clicking it in which all the folders related to the applications are stored.
  • Look for the folder “com.facebook.orca”
  • Tap on the folder once found and look for the Cache folder in which FB_temp folder is stored that contains a copy of the messages deleted from  the Facebook

In case,  you are getting confused with the steps mentioned, above, just access your Android phone device by connecting it to the PC. Find the ‘FB_temp’ folder  following the same procedure by accessing the phone memory. 

Method 2

How to Recover or Recuperate Facebook Messages from Downloaded Archive

  • Sign-in into the Facebook account by entering authentic login credentials.
  • Take your mouse to the gear icon reflecting in the top right corner of the screen aside lock icon.
  • Click on the same and go to the account settings.
  • Once the new page is displayed, navigate the option below and click on “Download A Copy”.
  • Once it is clicked, a new screen will appear with a button “ Start My Archive “.
  • Clicking on the button will lead to the appearance of popup box with a text Message and a button “ Start My Archive”.
  • Wait for a while after clicking the button to get the backup completed
  • Once it gets completed, a small dialog box is displayed on the screen with a link and instructions to download Facebook data.
  • As the link is clicked, you are asked to provide the authentic FB password
  • Enter the recently changed Facebook account password and click on the ‘download Archive’ button.
  • The data in zipped format will automatically start downloading on the device
  • Once the zipped file is downloaded completely, unzip the file and open the file named as “ Index”
  • A drop-down option will appear in which you need to select “ Message”
  • By implementing this procedure, you can recover deleted Facebook


How to Recover deleted messenger messages?

On iOS

  1. Download dr.fone recovery software through the official website on your desktop
  2. Open the dr.fone software on your PC and click Recover
  3. Now connect your iPhone or iPad device and Tap “Recover from iOs device”
  4. Once the device gets connected, select the files types to recover deleted messages from iPhone
  5. Tap Start Scan Option and wait until it gets completed.
  6. Once done, you’ll be able to see the list of deleted files including calls history, media files, messages.
  7. Tap Messenger and select the checkbox next to messages that are supposed to be restored
  8. Tap ‘Recover to device’ and your deleted messages from Facebook messenger gets restored automatically.

On Android

  1. Download ES File Explorer on your Android device through Google Play
  2. Open the App and and navigate to the folder storage/SD Card.
  3. Find ‘Android’ folder which hold data related applications
  4. Tap the same to access the files in it. There you’ll find data folder
  5. Look for the folder ‘com.facebook.orca’ in. Tap it once found.
  6. Tap the cache folder >> fb_temp
  7. You’ll be able to find all the deleted messages from Facebook messenger installed on Android device.

 Still incase, you can’t get quality assistance, Facebook Help Center is the only place left where the help can be acquired from chat and email support team as they provide quality help desk services but not instant due to unavailability of an official Facebook support number.

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