8 Ball Pool Not Connecting To Facebook – Now Fix it Like a Pro

8 Ball Pool

Is your favorite online game 8 ball pool not connecting to Facebook? Are you flabbergasted by the thought of encountering a problem with 8 ball pool? When you are hooked onto the game, any disruption in the normal routine is bound to cause a severe heartburn (anxiety)!

Confusion and chaos are intrinsic to life and there is nothing exceptional, you can do about it. Amidst all of this, you try to find some solace by diverting the minds with other activities, such as by playing 8 ball pool online. At least, there is a way to channel out the day to day stress and vent out the frustration. The ultimate objective, in the end, is to seek some relief and this is what matters.

 Are you familiar with the game?

Almost everyone using Facebook is familiar with the game. The game 8 ball pool has a great interface and is quite easy to understand. Once the game is loaded, hit the play button and you’re on.

Unlike other ball pool games available online, 8 ball pool differs a lot in terms of quality and user engagement. The scenarios involved are quasi-real and nearly every day thousands of users try the various challenges. It is one of the most favorite past time activities and almost everyone –right from a school going kid, retired pensioner, and a business executive travelling around is playing the game, during the idle hours.

 There are various formats of the game, which makes it multi-dimensional. It can be played on a normal PC or can be downloaded as 8 ball pool app from any of the app store for mobile devices. (Google Play Store for Android and iTunes for IOS)

Useful Features of Eight Ball Pool – For Laptops and PC

As for the eight ball pool game, herein are some of the features, which are meant only for those playing it on laptops or PC.

  • Refine the skills by playing with legends.
  • Access to exclusive cues.
  • To increase the overall ranking, confront tough challenges.
  • Win tournaments to earn coins, which can be used to buy items from the pool shop.

 It seems everything is tuned to enthrall the users with a rich gaming experience, and the rest doesn’t really count much.

And then comes the SETBACK.

Common Issue Related to 8 Ball Pool

It is not as if the stage is all set for you to come and play the game. Things do not really work that way. At some point of time or the other, you will encounter problems. That’s the truth.  One fine day, the game will not load. Despite making repeated attempts, you fail to load the game.

Frankly, there can be many reasons for the game not getting loaded on your computer.

8 Ball Pool Won’t Load

What if 8 ball pool won’t load on your PC? You just can’t give up. Instead, you must find a way to fix it. Without properly analyzing the issue, you won’t get far, when it comes to finding a remedy.

To start with, the problem might not be serious. There are ways to deal with the issue and for your kind information; you don’t really have to pay from your pocket. Well, you aren’t going to pay in the first place either.

Let’s look at two of the most common issues that restrict you from playing the game: –

  1. Issues with 8 ball pool login with Facebook
  2. 8 ball pool – your internet connection dropped

For the very first issue, you can try the steps mentioned below

Steps to Fix Issues with 8 Ball Pool Login with Facebook

  • Go to your browser and open Facebook.com
  • Sign-in and proceed towards the main menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select Account Settings.
  • In the Account Settings page, click on Apps.
  • Click on Logged in with Facebook.
  • Click on 8 ball pool game.
  • Once you have selected 8 ball pool game, just scroll down a bit.
  • Click on Remove the App.
  • After removing the app, try loading the 8 ball pool game and try login with Facebook.

This trick is bound to work and what’s more, there will be no change in the scores or your levels. A simple trick, but very effective and you can resume playing the game, without worrying about other aspects.

Troubleshoot 8 Ball Pool- Your Internet Connection Dropped Issue

Problems such as this are localized in nature. There might some problem with the network connectivity. If such problems do exist, you must:-

  • Check your router and for a change, try connecting the modem directly to your computer.
  • For instant results, ensure to close down other programs.
  • See to it that your other devices are not using the bandwidth. Immediately switch off the other devices.
  • Check to see if the ISP is not blocking or limiting your connection.

 Few Thoughts on 8 Ball Pool Game

Since the time of its inception, the 8 ball pool game has grown by leaps and bounds. The game is popular and almost every day new users are streaming through Facebook. Besides, its recent updates make it more engrossing. The 8 ball pool multiplayer edition is already trending and it certainly takes the online game to the next level.

Play the game and beat the stress. If you are encountering any issue with your Facebook login, then surely you can use one of the Facebook help support number to resolve it.