Things You Need To Know About Facebook Messenger Before Getting Started

Facebook Messenger Online

Want to try Facebook Messenger?

Before getting started with Facebook Messenger, let’s know whole nine yards details; starting from the introduction, how it works to other associated information about this exquisite messaging app.

What is Facebook Messenger Online?

Facebook Messenger is an amazing messaging app introduced by social media giant “Facebook” in August 2011. It is an instant messaging app service and software with over 1 billion active messenger users. It provides its users with a convenient and reliable platform to chat with friends and family. Don’t confuse it with the Facebook mobile app. The Facebook messenger app is an entirely different concept, which consists real-time communication features. You don’t need to refresh the feed to receive a new text while chatting on Facebook; you can see Facebook messenger icons whenever you get any new message.

Whether you want to have one-to-one chat or initiate any group chat; it’s all possible with Facebook Messenger. Moreover, it is also considered as a spectacular platform designed for businesses. It enables the marketers to interact with their customers where they already are.

Amazing Features of Facebook Messenger Online which you need to know

Infographics: Facabook Messenger Feature

  • Enjoy Instant Messaging through Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messengers enables you to reach people instantly across the world. You can actually see if your message has been delivered or not and also it has been seen by receipt or not.

  • Free Audio and video calling across the Globe

Enjoy free video and audio call feature to have clearer and closer calling experience with friends and family.

  • Send videos and photos instantly

With an astounding built-in camera feature, Facebook Messenger lets you capture and shoot moments as they happen. You can even add drawings or text to your photos, in order to give it a personalize feel.

  • Share your location

You can instantly update friends about your current location or where you are just by a single tap. Isn’t it great!!

  • Express better with Amazing Stickers and Emojis

Now you can express better by sending delightful, silly, cute, weird and expressive stickers to your friends and family. Make your chat experience more interesting by adding stickers matching your mood.

  • Phenomenal voice recording feature

Now you can say, sing or shout your messages by just recording your voice when you don’t feel like typing. It is quite helpful when on the go or has a lot more to say.

Where could you get Facebook Messenger online?

Facebook Messenger is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and some feature phone device. In order to install it; go to the or visit the app store on your phone or tablet. In order to install Facebook messenger for window 10, make sure your system have at least 2GB ram and “ARM, x86, x64” architecture.

Easy guide to get started with Facebook Messenger

There is no rocket science for getting on Facebook Messenger; in fact, it’s easy and quick. The user having Facebook Account can easily start using messenger just by using their Facebook account credentials. However, the user who is not on Facebook needs to register themselves first or they can use their mobile numbers to get started with the Facebook messenger.

How to use Facebook messenger without having Facebook Account?

If you are wondering, whether there is any way out to use Facebook messenger without Facebook Account; then the answer is “Yes”, you can use Messenger with your mobile phone number. Follow the below-mentioned steps to start super-amazing messaging experience with the Facebook messenger.

  • Open the messenger app on your browser or mobile device.
  • Login page will appear on the screen
  • Enter your phone number
  • Tap on continue
  • Facebook messenger dashboard will open on your screen
  • Add your name and photo to get started.

How to use Facebook messenger with Facebook Account?

  • Open the messenger app on your browser or mobile device.
  • Login page will appear on the screen
  • Enter your login credentials correctly
  • Tap on continue
  • You are ready to get started with the Facebook

How does Facebook Messenger works?

When it comes to using Facebook Messenger and how does it works; it’s just like a piece of cake. As it is already mentioned in the above section that how to get started with Facebook messenger; you can now enjoy the bliss of free messaging and calling. Chatting was never so much fun, Right?

Bore with your lonely life and want to add some fun; just open your Facebook messenger app and log in to get in touch with friends across the world. As soon as you log in to your messenger, you can see what’s new in your friend’s life, recent messages, shared videos, jokes and much more. Isn’t amazing?

You can find your old chats or conversation; as each message in the list displays the names of conversation participants. Moreover, you can also get t know, whether you’re the message you have sent is received or not at the receipt’s end. The best thing about this messaging app; you can actually see if the message you have sent is seen by your friend or not. He/she cannot ignore it and lie by saying “I didn’t saw it”. Facebook ratted your friend out.

If you want to find out, whether there are any unread messages in the conversation thread or not, you can identify those messages by the blue circle on it. Adding on, you can also view the list of friends who are online.

The frequently reported problems of Facebook Messenger

Despite its best features and super amazing messaging experience; Facebook messenger often goes down or stops working. In recent reports, it shows that among all reported messenger issues, 42% were message receiving the issue, 38% were issues to establish a connection to the server and 18% were Log-in issues. Let’s have a quick look to the frequently reported problems by users.

Still waiting to join Facebook Messenger?

 What are you waiting for?

Now you have whole nine yards of information, which will definitely help you to get started with the Facebook messenger. In case, if you encounter any trouble while downloading the messenger app or facing any other internal issues related to your favorite Facebook messenger; you can directly contact Facebook support number for instant solutions. The tech experts are available around the clock to offer exquisite service to the customers.