Is Gmail Attachment Size Limit Issue Troubling Email Users to a Huge Extent? A Review

Gmail attachment size limit restricts the webmail user from uploading bulk files beyond the specific limit. Its main purpose is to inhibit the transmission of malicious or virus applications that can create problems for the other web user. Gmail maximum size limit is 25 MB and beyond that users are restricted to upload a single file or app even in compressed form (such as .zip or .rar format).

Gmail attachment failed error occur in case, a user tries to attach a bulk file beyond the specified limit or due to the server connection problems. Other than this, compatibility issues with a web browser can also be one of the main reasons behind issues in file attachment alongside composing a new message in Gmail.

“In 2010, users experienced issues while attaching files upon accessing Gmail account on the Chrome web browser (version 52.0.2743.82 m). They were not able to attach pdf, JPG, and other file formats. It all happened due to compatibility issues due to which, users were unable to attach files in Gmail using Chrome. Upon using Internet Explorer browser (Version 11.0.9600.18376) on the same device, the same files were uploaded and attached successfully to Gmail web browser without any errors.”

People, in mainstream accessing Gmail are not aware of the reasons, why they can’t attach files in Gmail on Chrome web browser. There are certain reasons about which the users should be aware of, while they look to upload and attach files on Gmail.

  • Gmail having restrictions to upload .zip and .rar file.
  • Compatibility issues that occur in Gmail account and Chrome Browser.
  • The attachment limit goes beyond the specified limit of 25 MB.
  • Unable to attach files in Gmail due to server outage or downtime issues.
  • Unresponsive or robust script error freeze the device while attaching files.
  • Attachment Uploader not working in Gmail App on Smartphone device.
  • Gmail attach file not working error shown after the document is downloaded by the recipient.


Is It Possible to Attach Email Message in Gmail? Explain.

Yes, it’s quite possible and feasible to do. Many users have done it in the past by following a certain procedure. It’s not like that user cannot attach email message received on another webmail server. The message received on any webmail inbox including Gmail can be attached easily by following a certain procedure.

As some of them do not know how to attach email in Gmail, below-mentioned is the process to make them learn about the functionality to attach an email message alongside composing new mail

  • Access any webmail inbox (Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail) and open any of the unread messages in the Inbox that are seen in bold characters.
  • Once the message panel is displayed, click on the drop down menu next to reply icon in the top right corner of the message.
  • Select the print option and wait for the rectangular pop-up window to get displayed on the screen.
  • As the new window overlaps the screen, navigate your mouse to the left hand side of the window and alter the destination by clicking on the change icon.
  • Select the option “Save to Google Drive” or convert it to the pdf file and then save it to desktop or the other folder in the PC device.
  • Now the file is saved in PDF format in Google drive or on the device.
  • Open a new tab and access Gmail account inbox by entering correct login credentials.
  • Now, compose a new message and attach the file saved on the Google drive or from the location on PC device.

This process of attaching the email message in Gmail account is quite feasible to understand and implement. If the user is not able to attach the email message in ‘Compose message’ section through drag-and-drop technique or through the Google mail attachment Uploader functionality, then it’s always advised by the experts for making modifications in the Gmail attachment settings to get things work in a streamlined manner.

Can Anyone Suggest How to Send Large Files in Gmail?

If you are consistently troubled due to Gmail attachment size limit issue and unable to upload or send large files alongside the message, then making modifications in Gmail attachment setting is of no use. As Google has already fixed a limit to upload the attachment within 25 MB size limit, not only you but everyone using the webmail services by Gmail, has to follow the certain protocol. Playing a blame game on Google like attachment Uploader not working on an app or desktop browser is of no use as the script, does not allow file above 25 MB to get attached along with a message.

Is There Any Need to Contact Help Desk Team for Fixing Gmail Attachment Size Limit?

For the expediency or convenience of Gmail users, Google drive is also available that can be quite helpful to share large files with the concerned person if webmail server is not allowing them to do so due to a certain limit. In Google drive, users can easily send large files to the known ones, but being non-technical due to lack of skills, they do not know how to send large files in Gmail. It can be easily done through cloud-storage technology, where large files can be saved in the rar or zip format. The access is being allowed to the people by entering the specific email address. Upon doing this, the email message is reflected in the inbox of a concerned person with whom; the larger files have been shared. The link in the message redirects the person to a specific file or document that can be downloaded on the very same device in a feasible way.

Users; with the lack of skills or expertise, generally face problems as they are unable to attach files in Gmail due to one or the other reason, mentioned above. It is highly recommended to contact Gmail helpdesk team through phone support offered by Google; since the start of the webmail service, in 2004. The email attachment fixation issue; sometimes, becomes quite complex as applying techniques without expertise as it can be dangerous that can be fixed only by a certified techie that can be contacted in seconds, just by giving at call at official Gmail customer service helpline number.