Is Yahoo Email Password Change Really Hard to Combine? Change Your Yahoo Password Before it’s too late

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The password has always been an important component when it comes to accessing webmail. It ensures security to the email account from any kind of malicious activity. Same is the case with Yahoo where email account security matters a lot to the registered user.

For that, it is advisable to perform Yahoo password change on a regular basis.  Most of the time, it is seen people saying “My Yahoo Account is hacked” or “someone compromised my Yahoo password”.

It is all due to their negligence or lankiness, which troubles them on prolonged basis due to loss of data or important documents or secure details that are stored in the inbox or other specific labels or categories of Yahoo webmail account.

User’s lack of knowledge prevents him/her to implement the steps to change Yahoo password that is provided on the internet. Moreover, various Yahoo account holders are not aware of the process to change email password. For the convenience of these users, Yahoo Inc has concealed a procedure to modify Yahoo email password from PC or Smartphone device, whichever they user to access webmail account.

Methods and Steps to Change or Modify Yahoo Email Password

Here are certain methods to change Yahoo mail password in quick time:

  • Accessing Yahoo email account on Windows and Mac OS  X Device.
  • Change Yahoo Account Password on Mobile Web Browser.
  • Modify password using  Yahoo app accessing Android or IOS device.

Method 1:

Steps to perform Yahoo Password Change or Modification on Windows and Mac OS Device

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  • Launch a web browser Sign-in into Yahoo mail account entering legitimate login details or credentials.
  • Once the email account is accessed, go to the top right corner where you see a gear icon.
  • Click on the same and you will find Account info option.
  • As the new web page is displayed, you will see option “Account Security”. Click the same.
  • Once clicked, change password link is displayed on the screen.
  • Click on the same to provide new password.
  • Enter the new password twice which should not be exactly the same or similar to your old password.
  • Click on continue button and wait for the password to get validated by the webmail server.
  • Once validated the message will be displayed “ Your Password has been modified”.
  • Click on OK, got It button to get redirected to Yahoo mail dashboard.


Method 2:

Steps to Perform Yahoo Password Change or Modification on Mobile Web Browser

  • Unlock your featured phone or Smartphone device and tap on the mobile web browser.
  • Once the web browser is displayed, type on the same and tap on go button in Smartphone device or OK button in featured phone device.
  • Once the web page is displayed on the mobile browser, enter the login credentials in the required space and tap enter.
  • As the yahoo mail dashboard is displayed, find the gear icon and tap on the same to find Account info option.
  • Once you find the same, tap on it and wait for new web page to get displayed.
  • Now find the account security option in the menu. clicking which you will find Change password option.
  • Click on the link to enter the new password twice to secure Yahoo email account from malicious activities conducted by cyber criminals or scammers.

  Method 3:

 Steps to Perform Password Change or Modification on Android or IOS device with   Yahoo App

  • Unlock your android or IOS device with pattern or security code.
  • Tap on Yahoo app installed on the device and enter the login details in case you have previously logged out from the App.
  • Now look for the menu option and tap on account security option once you find it.
  • Once the new slide is displayed on android or IOS device, you will find Change password option displayed over there.
  • Just tap on the same and wait for new slide to get displayed.
  • Once it gets displayed, you will find two empty boxes to enter new Yahoo password that should not be similar or identical to the passwords provided earlier.
  • Provide the new Yahoo password twice and tap on the button Save changes.
  • Now restart the Yahoo app and enter the new login credentials once the Yahoo password is changed successfully.

These above-mentioned methods and steps to modify or change yahoo password are quite feasible to understand and implement. Users can get the things done in an appropriate manner using PC or Smartphone device through App or web browser installed within it. In case, they face problems, Yahoo email helpdesk team is there to provide instant help from their end whenever a call from email users is given at official Yahoo customer support phone number.

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