How can I Create Filter in Yahoo Mail? Please Help!!

As lots of emails are received in the inbox of Yahoo account inbox, its management should be on top- priority in order to make things work in a streamlined manner. With inbuilt filtering system in Yahoo mail interface, the incoming emails from the specific recipient do not get accumulated in the inbox. Rather it gets segregated towards the corresponding folders. By opting to create a filter in Yahoo Mail account, important official emails can get accumulated in a specific folder while other spontaneous or unsolicited junk emails get accumulated in the spam folder. This filter creation in Yahoo email account really helps users, get access to inbox folder at the quickest as lot of emails that generally used to get stored in Inbox; can now get dispensed to a specific folder automatically (for which filter is created) once received by Yahoo mail server.

Steps to Create Email Filters in Yahoo Account:

As this process of creating filter is not much prominent as very few people are aware of creating filter in Yahoo email account, Yahoo Inc has concealed some steps to create folders and filter in email account so that it can be easier for users to go through important emails accumulated in corresponding or specific folders in the easiest way rather than searching the same in the list of bulk emails getting accumulated in the inbox.

Here are the points arranged in the chronological order that can help Yahoo mail users creating filters to manage the accumulation of incoming emails within email account.

  1. Sign-in into Yahoo email account entering correct or legitimate login credentials

yahoo steps

  1. Once Yahoo email account is accessed successfully, go the mail dashboard and click on + icon shown corresponding the folder


  1. Once the + button or icon is clicked, a new screen emerges with the empty box to provide a new folder name. Provide any name to the folder or the same that is shown in the image shown below


  1. Press on “OK” button once the folder is created.
  2. You can create as many folders as per the requirement by repeating the step 2 and Ste 3.
  1. Now important phase arrived hen you need to create a filter. Click on the inbox folder and go to the gear icon alongside Home icon shown on the top-right screen of the Yahoo inbox dashboard and go to settings option shown in the drop down menu.


  1. Once the settings page is displayed, you will find the option Filters in the left corner of the screen. Click on Filters option from the left panel to open a new web page.


  1. You can now sort incoming messages from the specific folder chosen. Click on Facebook option.


  1. Click on Add tab to create a filter by keeping Facebook as selected option to disperse mails


  1. Once the new window is displayed upon clicking the Add tab, provide the filter name same as what you provided to the folder in the 3rd step or provide the same which is provided in the image displayed below. Click o the save button once


  1. Now once the filter name is saved, it is also necessary to configure the same. Following are the images which can be helpful for you to configure the filter option.







 These steps along with images giving indications really prove to be quite helpful when it comes to creating and configuring filters to dispense your important emails to a particular folder.  With this, the emails can be searched easily and read carefully without any kind of distraction that generally happens while searching the particular emails from bulk messages store din Inbox of the Yahoo mail account.

In case, you face any issues while creating filters despite implementing above mentioned steps then Yahoo customer support helpdesk team can be really helpful in doing the needful required from your end as well as make you learn how to do so in a feasible way.