Is Yahoo Email Backup Really Become A Necessity? An Outright Discussion

In this web savvy world, you can hardly find a single person, who doesn’t prefer using email services. Sharing of information, documents, images through webmail services is what an individual keep doing these days upon accessing his/her webmail account.

Due to robust technology embedded in email server, sending and receiving media files as well as important documents is possible in no time with instant access of webmail account using PC or Smartphone device. Yahoo Inc; being one of the best and highly adorable web-portals as well as reputed search engine, offer email services at its very best with highly-responsive webmail server that works at its best without quite low but unpredictable downtime or outage issues.

As experts recommend this webmail server for the convenience of internet users to avail instant messaging services along with exchange of documents, media files and important documents, it is all because of the secure emailing and reliable technology that inhibits the intrusion of virus or spyware and eventually makes the webmail server vulnerable to use.

But it’s always recommended to see whether backup email options are available in webmail server before getting registered with the same as it might help you save confidential data from theft or getting hacked by cybercriminals.

Is It Really Necessary to Take Backup of Yahoo Emails to External Hard Drive?

Yahoo registered users are fortunate enough to have the backup options in their very same webmail account but this functionality ought to be used or applied regularly on weekly or bi-weekly basis for instant backup of your inbox and sent messages along with confidential documents and media files (images and video) stored in the form of attachments.

You can take help of certified helpdesk experts working at Yahoo Inc, for taking assistance regarding how to save Yahoo emails to external hard drive or flash drive if unaware of the steps to save email messages to removable hard disk, sorted by date and time.

The reason behind adopting backup options in Yahoo Mail account is that there is a lot of uncertainty; when it comes to downtime or outage of webmail server as it can happen anytime, anywhere.

Expert Solutions to Take Backup of Yahoo Emails:

Yahoo email backup in external hard drive or in flash drive is easily possible, when messages stored in inbox, sent folder or in the draft as well as other folders are less in number.

In order to do this, folders for each category such as inbox, sent folder, drafts as well as other manually created folders (in which messages of particular senders get stored after creating filter).

Each and every message need to be copied and pasted into word document along with date and time. But you will not be able to read and reply to the same alike doing with the accessing of webmail account using authentic login credentials.

Attachment backup can also be done in a specific folder. But it’s really not possible to perform a bulk backup with manual copy paste procedure as it’s quite a time-consuming process and you will not be able to manage backup with file size getting enlarged, which has a huge probability of getting unresponsive when you need to check the email backup for referential purpose.

Yahoo backup software can be the best option as you can download and install the same on your PC or Smartphone device. The backup can be taken in the email file format such as PST, EML, MBOX or MSG that can be opened as well as accessed just like the framework you get while accessing Yahoo inbox interface with the respective email client application.

You can go through the steps, or watch video instead!

Steps to Take Backup of Emails in Hard Drive Using Yahoo Backup Software

  • Download the setup file of Yahoo backup software and then install as well as launch the same by entering the login credentials.
  • Select the format of email back from given options such as PST, EML, MBOX or MSG.
  • As you proceed further towards new step, browser button needs to be clicked to select the external hard drive within which you want to take backup of Yahoo emails.
  • Now click on start button to get Yahoo email backup process executed.
  • As the complete backup of Yahoo email account gets completed, a message is displayed “Download Completed Successfully”.
  • Click on OK button in the end to close the yahoo email backup software window.

However, users can also adopt the steps to take the backup of Yahoo emails on your computer hard drive by selecting secondary hard drive of PC or laptop in quick time by using Yahoo backup software.

How to Save Yahoo Emails to Computer Device?

Most of the Yahoo users are unfamiliar regarding how to save Yahoo emails to the computer.

The best way of taking backup or saving Yahoo email messages on your computer is by configuring the Yahoo account in Microsoft Outlook email client application compatible with latest version of Windows OS by choosing account type as POP3 and IMAP server, one at a time so that email messages can be sent and received in the client application software without accessing webmail server.

In this way, you can take backup of Yahoo email messages easily as they arrive with original copy being stored within the email account.

The other option to secure yourself after storing Yahoo messages in Outlook inbox is to create a backup by exporting the backup file from Outlook client application as you cannot do the same using Yahoo webmail account due to the absence of export functionality within it.

Other methods to save or create a backup of Yahoo email messages are:

  • Getting hard copy of individual emails getting printer in a proper format.
  • Copy and pasting each and every email in MS word or text editor file.
  • Forwarding each and every email to another webmail server on manual basis.
  • Getting auto-forward options enabled to get emails transferred automatically to other web mail server.


Is Creating Backup for Yahoo Mail Folders Necessary?

Yahoo email users, who use the webmail account for an official purpose; create specific folders on the name of senders and enable filters to get messages received from a particular person to get accumulated in the specific folder.

As the folders are multiple, taking a manual backup of each and every folder other than Inbox and sent folder is quite difficult. Along with that, it’s really a critical scenario as not a single email accumulated in these folders can be left out without taking appropriate backup as the attachments uploaded within it, contain secure information that cannot be neglected at any cost.

In this way, backup of Yahoo mail folders can be created at ease and you can perform the same easily on scheduled dates so that recovery can be made possible incase Yahoo messages get deleted by cyber criminals if the email account gets hacked all of the sudden.

Does Using Yahoo Backup Software Has Any Benefit?

  • Email Backup can be downloaded in PST, MBOX, Message and EML format.
  • Data of specific period can be downloaded while eradicating unnecessary messages.
  • Ensure smooth performance of PC while running a backup as bandwidth is set and managed automatically as per the scenario.
  • The backup process can be paused and resumed at any time as per the requirement of the PC user.
  • Integrity, original structure, and message formatting can be retained as it supposed to be after downloading messages from cloud server to local storage device.
  • Help in accessing email messages using other third party email client application.

How to Backup Yahoo Mail Folders? Steps Revealed

If you are thinking to take backup of Yahoo mail folders, then implementing these steps can be really beneficial as well as the time-saving process. As the internet connectivity is used to access data on the cloud, it is essential to backup Yahoo mail folders, the corresponding activities can be continued in the case of webmail connectivity issues.

Most important thing is that Yahoo mail backup is required to the most in order to get synced or connected with mailbox data in the case of server downtime or similar kind of circumstances.

Here are the essential steps that need to be implemented for backup of Yahoo email folders at the earliest before things go worst:

  • Download and install Yahoo Backup software on your desktop or Laptop.
  • Once installation of Yahoo backup software is accomplished successfully, legitimate or authentic login details need to be provided.
  • Choose any one email format such as PST, EML, Message or MBOX by clicking on the radio.
  • Once it is done, a select destination in which backup file needs to be stored. If you want to create a new folder on the desktop and provide that destination, it is duly acceptable.
  • Now click the start button to perform a backup of Yahoo email.
  • The application will display details like progress rate and counts on the software dashboard when the Yahoo mail backup is in progress.
  • Once the backup is completed, the software will display a message “Download Completed Successfully.”

Taking a backup of Yahoo email account with the legitimate software saves a lot of time but it’s advisable to check the backup files to confirm that all the messages are backed up properly. In case there is any problem taking backup of webmail account using software, then Yahoo customer support needs to be contacted at the earliest to fix things in quick time.