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Yahoo webmail services have gained prominence not only because of the amazing or sought-after functionalities but also due to the storage features as well as maintaining a contact list. As people are quite habitual about adding known ones in their contact list if they cannot find the particular person in the list, it really makes them feel inconvenient while sending and receiving messages to or from a particular identity.

Where are My Contacts in Yahoo Mail? I Can’t See Them!!

Email users; sometimes, have issues while restoring missing contacts back in the list as account details of other known contacts might have been deleted by the former due to no interaction is done with the person or people from quite a long time and forgot about the same as the days passed by.  After some time, they get frustrated asking their known ones for the help saying “my Yahoo contacts disappeared” Other reason of contacts seen missing in Yahoo email account, is due to the recovery of hacked webmail account that actually happens due to the technical failure or it can be the case that scammers upon accessing email account and sending spam mails to the contacts, delete the contact list from the Yahoo webmail accounts compromised at their end. But when users recover their hacked email account,

Yahoo mail contact list problem is what webmail account-holders get encountered with. It sometimes, become quite frustrating as they are not able to compose a new message due to the absence of email addresses to which messages are supposed to be sent.

How Can I Restore Deleted or Missing Contacts in Yahoo Mail? Please Assist!!

In case, you do not know how to restore deleted or missing contacts in Yahoo mail, no need to panic as there are certain methodologies and steps available to help you recuperate or restore Yahoo contact list in order to create filters for the accumulation of messages received by a sender in a particular folder.

Method 1: Restore Individual Contacts.

Method 2: Restore Your Entire Contact List.

Steps to Restore Individual Contacts in Yahoo Webmail Account

Here are the steps to restore individual contacts in personal or official Yahoo webmail account:

  • Login into Yahoo account and wait for sign-in authentication to take place
  • Once it is done, you are redirected to Yahoo email inbox dashboard
  • Click on the contact icon and wait for the new screen to appear with a left column where deleted contacts option is seen.
  • Select the deleted contacts you want to restore back to your address book.
  • In case, no contacts are displayed on the screen, go to the option “Restore your entire contact list”.
  • Click on the restore contacts or restore option to recuperate the deleted contacts back to the address book of your Yahoo email account.
  • Now finally take your mouse to the done option and press the button to make changes effective.

Steps to Restore Your Entire Contact List in Yahoo Webmail Account

    • Once you are successfully logged in, click on ‘contact’ icon.

    • Select the Deleted Contacts option from the left of your screen.

    • Then select the option ‘Restore from Backup’ as seen on the screen.

    • As you are moved forward to next step, it’s essential to select the date for contact restoration back in the address book by selecting a particular time period.
    • Click on restore button to make the changes effective.

    • Finally let the chages to be saved.

Users; generally, create filters to receive emails from the known ones in a particular folder. With the deletion of a particular email address from the contact list, all the messages sent by the webmail user gets accumulated elsewhere; most probably in junk or spam folder as filters automatically get deleted as the email address of a particular person or the people, is removed from the contact list of a particular webmail account. Users like you generally ask technical experts working with Yahoo Inc by sending email messages to an expert writing “Where are my Contacts in Yahoo Mail”. Though sending a message to tech support team through Yahoo help central by filling up the contact us form is quite a time-consuming process as you cannot expect instant resolution from helpdesk team working with Yahoo.  The absence of official Yahoo customer support number is creating such fuss as its availability could have resolved every bit of issues at the earliest.



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