Yahoo Mail Not Working on Google Chrome!! What to do?

Yahoo Mail not Working on Chrome

Facing troubles accessing Yahoo mails on Google Chrome?

Is it confined to a single device or happening with both PC/mobile device??

Though the products launched by Google doesn’t deliver much problems or the issues that occur abruptly get fixed on its own, still certain scenarios come upfront when problems keep troubling Y! mail users and trouble them to a huge extent.

It seems like the same happening in your case. But no need to take any anxieties as if you are troubled with unresponsive script errors that keep freezing your device screen. There are certain reasons behind the problems that occur in Google Chrome web browser that does not let Yahoo mail users perform certain activities that are quite necessary for completion of the task.


Reasons Why Yahoo Mail Does Not Work Properly on Google Chrome?


  • Incompatibility problems come across frequently between Yahoo mail and Google Chrome.
  • Unresponsive script errors freeze the device screen suddenly on a frequent basis.
  • Obsolete version of Google Chrome not supporting Yahoo mail classic version.
  • Google Chrome not able to load Yahoo mail interface due to cache overload.
  • Disabled JavaScript issues may be the reason behind slow response of web browser.
  • Firewall settings not allowing users to access Yahoo mail on Chrome web browser.
  • Add on extensions in Google Chrome browser not allowing you to access Yahoo mail.
  • Corrupt mail cookies issues might not be allowing you to access Yahoo email account.
  • Proxy enabled on the Chrome browser might be preventing the access to Yahoo mail account.



Steps to Fix Yahoo Mail Accessibility Issues on Google Chrome

Step 1 >> Clear Your Web Browser History:

Following steps can actually help you clear your  Chrome web browser cache


  1. Start your PC device and double-click on Chrome web browser application
  2. Open the web browser settings by clicking on the three dots in the right corner of the toolbar
  3. You will find the settings option in the drop-down list. Click on it.
  4. Doing this, a new tab is opened on the same web browser with certain options enabled or disabled through toggle buttons.
  5. Scroll the screen downwards and you will find the advanced option which will display additional web browser settings.
  6. Now look for the option “Clear Browsing Data” that clear cookie, cache, clear history and more
  7.  Click on the arrow button in the  right corner of the “Clear Browser Settings” option doing which a rectangular box is displayed with the basic and advanced tab
  8. Tick on the checkbox next to the options “Browsing History”, “Cookies and other site data” as well as “Cached image and file” .
  9. Set the time range to “All time” and press the button “Clear data” .
  10. Wait for the few minutes until the Google Chrome browsing history gets cleared.


Step 2 >> Update Your Google Chrome Web Browser

Here are the steps for updating your Google Chrome to the latest version. Just follow the steps listed below to upgrade web browser to the latest version


  • Unlock your desktop or laptop device and double-click on Google Chrome application.
  • Go to “more tools” option by clicking on three dots seen in the right corner of a menu bar.
  • Clicking the same will fetch you the option “Update Google Chrome web browser” in case you’re using the old or obsolete version.


Note: If no such option is visible, then it indicates that the latest version of Google Chrome is being used to access the Yahoo Mail Account.


Step 3 >> Enable The JavaScript  

The below-mentioned steps can actually help you to enable the javascript in the web browser that might be the real cause behind inaccessibility of Yahoo mail account.


  • Go to “Advanced settings” of the web browser.
  • Click on it and navigate to “Content settings” option.
  • Just click on it and you will find Javascript option.
  • If you find “Blocked” mentioned underneath the option, click on it.
  • Move the toggle button and enable the same.
  • As you do the same, the allowed option is seen under the Javascript option that is actually required for accessibility of Yahoo email account on Google Chrome web browser.


Step 4 >> In case, these above-mentioned steps does not seem like working sufficiently in enabling the accessibility of Yahoo email account on Google Chrome web browser, then disable the proxy settings as well as remove the unnecessary add-extensions that are hampering the real-time performance of web browser.



All these steps can prove to be worthy or helpful in accessing the Yahoo mail account on Google Chrome web browser if implemented properly. In case, any kind of technical problem is creating hurdle, just contact Yahoo help desk team anytime at your convenience to get best possible assistance to troubleshoot all complex or critical problems in minutes.