Is Setup of Yahoo Account Key Quite Essential? Explanation Revealed

The Recent security breach that recently happened in Yahoo web mail server is still haunting the victims to its extreme. It’s ill effect is such that users are quite panicked while performing any activities accessing yahoo mail account due to uncertain cybercrime attempts that can make them financially ruined as their bank account as well as credit card details are also associated with Yahoo account. With the advent of account key that can prevent cyber hacking to a huge extent, provides complete security shield to users in all aspect. With setup Yahoo account key, the purpose of using a password that secures the email account from any kind of malicious activities.

Email account password generally gets hacked easily due to certain loopholes in webmail server security. But there is no such possibility of Yahoo account compromise with account key as it is auto- generated code sent by webmail server to the registered email address or phone number of the user, who can use the same as password. Yahoo accounts key setup is quite an essential process to secure your webmail account from persistently getting hacked by cyber criminals.

Another benefit of setup Yahoo account key is that you need not remember complicated passwords and neither there is any need to recover or reset forgotten password. With successful Yahoo email account key setup, it will be easier for you to access Yahoo account in a secure manner without any kind of threat from malicious activities as a new verification account key is sent by webmail server every time to access email inbox and other functionalities in Yahoo account dashboard.

Why is Yahoo Account Key Setup Needed?

  • To prevent unauthorized access of Yahoo Account
  • To secure Yahoo account from cyber attack
  • To prevent time loss for recovering forgotten password
  • To nullify chances of hacking Yahoo password

With setup of Yahoo email account key, it gives a protective shield to user as he/she should not fear anymore regarding hacking of webmail password as it need not be entered anymore because a unique account key need to be entered which is auto generated by Yahoo webmail server on every login attempt made by user and sent to the recovery phone number. With the advent of technology, users generally access Yahoo email account messages through the Android or IOS Smartphone device. Setup of Yahoo account key has helped them to huge extent in using their webmail account insecure manner as app installed in Smartphone device auto-fills the account key sent by Yahoo through text message and validate the authenticity of user at the time of Yahoo email account

Methods to Setup Yahoo Account Key:

There are certain methods to setup Yahoo account key that is quite beneficial for users when he/she access Yahoo email account successfully without providing a password to authenticate the ownership of the same.

Method 1:  Yahoo Email Account Key Setup using Web Browser

Method 2:  Yahoo Email Account Key Setup from IOS Device

Method 3:  Yahoo Email Account Key Setup from Android Device

How to Setup Yahoo Email Account Key using Web Browser?

Yahoo account key setup with updated browser can be quite helpful for web mail users to secure their personal or official email account. Certain steps to setup account key in Yahoo has helped people prevent their web mail account from getting compromised all of the sudden due to prolific cyber crime activities being conducted by scammers in quick time. The importance of password gets nullified upon successful setup of Yahoo email account key as different codes are sent every time on the registered phone number by web mail server that helps a user in accessing web mail account without any kind of threat.

Here are the steps to setup Yahoo Email Account Key using web browser

  • Sign-in into Yahoo email account successfully using correct login credentials and go to Account info page by finding the option by left click of the mouse on setting gear.
  • Once you access the account info page successfully, click on account security option shown in the left sidebar of the desktop or laptop device.
  • In Yahoo account security option, click on the option See How it works.
  • Go after the prompt and confirm the device, you are using to access Yahoo account at present.
  • Now click on the option Yes, send me a notification to receive a test account key sent on your registered phone number.
  • Also Tap Yes or No in the app to the account key sent to your registered phone number associated with Yahoo account email address.
  • Now check on the option “Always use account key to sign in into Yahoo account without a password.
  • Click on confirm button to verify access to your current phone number.


How to Setup Yahoo Email Account Key from IOS Device?

The user can also set up Yahoo email account key accessing IOD devices such as iPhone or iPad. With updated Yahoo app installed on these devices, you can easily setup account key for yahoo email account quickly by implementing below-mentioned steps:

  • Unlock your IOS device and tap on Yahoo app installed in the same.
  • Find the profile image and tap on same to find the account key icon.
  • Once found, tap on the same as well as setup Yahoo account key option that appears on the screen.
  • Now you will find the sample Yahoo account key displayed on the IOS device screen.
  • Again Tap yes on confirmation screen to open and now tap on Got it button.
  • You now have to tap on Enable account key.
  • Once it is done, a button appears on screen as Great, Got it.
  • Tap on the same to sign into Yahoo account with account key.


How to Setup Yahoo Email Account Key from Android Device?

Android Smartphone and tabs being widely used, since its inception as it brought a revolution in the digital world with people performing all the activities by tapping on icons installed in Android device. As the process to the setup of Yahoo account key is quite essential, it can also be performed easily by going through steps mentioned below:

  • Open your Android Smartphone or tab device and go to menu icon.
  • There you will find Yahoo mail app.
  • Tap on the same and provide correct Yahoo login credentials.
  • Now when you successfully access the Yahoo account through App.
  • Tap on account key icon and wait for new slide to get displayed.
  • Now again tap on yahoo account key setup option.
  • You will see the sample Yahoo account key displayed on the android device screen.
  • Now you will get a confirmation screen and tap on yes option with a green.
  • Now again tap on Got it option on the new slide that appears on the android device.
  • Enable account key option need to be tapped upon again.
  • Doing this, a button is displayed on the device screen named as Great, Got it.
  • Tap on it finally to sign in into Yahoo account with account key.

Yahoo accounts key setup is quite an easy process to perform. But with certain technical steps to be performed, a user may require the assistance of Yahoo customer service experts at the earliest as many of them, lack knowledge or experience in implementing the steps to setup Yahoo account key. Due to the absence of official Yahoo helpline number, it is essential for users to go through the FAQs provided in Yahoo official website   and implement steps in quick time as GIF images are also available there for their convenience.

Users can also look for third party Yahoo technical support phone number anytime to get immediate help from qualified experts. One of the techies assigned to work upon the issue scrutinizes the problem faced at your end or provided much-needed assistance to setup yahoo account key without any hassle so that requirement of the password is nullified and email account gets completely secure from unpredictable malicious activities by scammers in the form of hacking.