Easy Tricks for Yahoo Password Recovery

Get Unique Way for Yahoo Account Recovery and Reset Password in a Few Seconds

Yahoo Password Recovery: Yahoo.com is one of the biggest web portals with superlative service offered in the form of news, email services, directory, search engine, forums, etc. Among them, email services have gained prominence with several internet users getting registered with Yahoo mail on a daily basis to create a personal or official account.

With users accessing their mail account on the daily or weekly basis, some of them forget their account password and are unable to recover the same.  As email users do not have sufficient knowledge and experience to recover Yahoo password or follow the Yahoo reset password procedure in quick time to create a new Yahoo email account password, they often get frustrated and make continuous attempts and still are unable to reset Yahoo password that results in suspension of email account as their persistent attempts to login into email account resembles with the suspicious activity generally made by scammers to hack/compromise the email account.

There might be some facts that prevent users perform Yahoo reset password as they are not able to memorize the recovery mail address or alternative mail account and answers to security questions during the time of Yahoo account sign-up.

Tips or methodology for Yahoo reset password or recovery of Yahoo password can be really helpful for users as they can easily reset Yahoo password in quick time without secondary email account or recovery contact number or even without answering security questions.


How to Recover Yahoo Email Password without Recovery Phone Number?

During Yahoo account registration process, users are asked to provide their phone number so that Yahoo password recovery can be done in quick time. In case, the recovery phone number provided by you is inactive or not being used by you at this point of time, then recovery of Yahoo password or Yahoo password reset procedure can be done by selecting the options of the secondary email address or by providing a correct answer to the security questions.  You can easily reset or recover Yahoo email password by going through the below-mentioned steps of Yahoo password recovery through the alternative email address or by answering security questions.

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How to Recover Yahoo Account Password without Secondary Email Address?

At the time of Yahoo account sign up, the secondary email address is supposed to be provided at the time of email account registration. In case, you have forgotten Yahoo password and are not unable to reset yahoo account password, the alternative or secondary email address provided by you can be helpful in resetting or recovering forgotten mail account password. There might by a scenario that email account provided by you during registration is presently inactive or suspended at present, then no need to worry as the options of recovery phone number and answering of security question . Below mentioned are the steps to recover or reset Yahoo account password with a phone number and answering of security questions that can be helpful for you in case secondary or alternative email address is not accessible.


How to Recover Yahoo Account Password without Answering Security Questions?

As there is a tendency among email users to forget answers of security questions once they look to recover their personal or official mail account password. Same happens in the case of Yahoo users as they forget answers of their security questions, which were provided at the time of sign-up.  This password recovery method doesn’t exist anymore and Yahoo has stopped the same.

Methods to Recover Forgot Yahoo Password:

  • Yahoo Password Recovery with Phone Number.
  • Recover Yahoo Password with Alternative Email Address.
  • Recover Yahoo Password By Answering Security Questions.


How to Recover Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password with Phone Number:

  • Access Yahoo mail login interface by typing mail.yahoo.com on the web browser.
  • Once done successfully, enter the Yahoo mail login id and press next button.
  • Click on the link “I forgot my password” in case you are not able to recall the same.
  • You’ll get redirected to a new page where it is asked to recover Yahoo password through email address
  • If there is no access to an email address, then press the button “You don’t have access to this email address”.
  • You’ll get redirected to a page where it asks “Do you’ve access to this phone”.
  • In case you’ve, then press the button  “Yes, Text me an account key”.
  • Now check your phone and enter the account key.
  • Press ‘Continue’ button doing which you will get success message with ‘create new password
  • Press the button and secure your Yahoo account by entering the new password twice. Hit ‘continue’ to make changes effective.


 How to Recover Yahoo Password with Alternative Email Address:

  • Open Yahoo mail login dashboard by typing mail.yahoo.com.
  • Enter Yahoo ID and then press the ‘next’ button
  • As if you have forgotten the password and not able to recall the same, then click the link “ I forgot my password”.
  • This will redirect you to the new page where it is asked “Do you have access to this email” as what reflects on that specific page.
  • If yes, then click on the button “Yes, Send me an account key”.
  • Now open a new tab in the same web browser and access the recovery email address at which account key has been sent by Yahoo.
  • Once you find the Yahoo account key seen reflecting in the inbox message, just enter the same inbox and press continue button.
  • Again, hit the button “Create a new password” that reflects once an account key gets validated.
  • Enter the new password twice and press ‘continue’ button to make changes effective.


How to Recover Yahoo Email Password with Security Questions:

Note: This password recovery method doesn’t exist anymore and Yahoo has stopped the same.
  • Access yahoomail.com on a web browser.
  • Click on Yahoo sign-in helper and after that select the option “I am facing a problem with Yahoo reset password”.
  • Provide the valid Yahoo id for which password need to be recovered and click on the continue button.
  • Provide a captcha code in the box to verify that you are human.
  • Now select the option “use my secret questions to reset password” in case you have not provided an alternative email address and phone number at the time of account registration.
  • Provide same answers of the security questions for Yahoo account reset password, which were entered at the time of email account registration and click on next.
  • Once the answers are validated successfully, a new window is displayed to provide a strong and secure 

It is quite clear that a Yahoo email account holder can recover his/her password easily after going through the steps of Yahoo email password recovery.


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