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As if you’re troubled with any kind of Yahoo mail problems like login problems, change the password, mail configuration issues, javascript issues, sending messages, enable 2-step verification, account key setup, yahoo account signup and deletion; third party mail technical support team deliver comprehensive support for every single issue of Yahoo mail.

Seeking a third party tech clinic that can offer you comprehensive Customer helpdesk service for Yahoo Mail issues. No need to think more about it as our Gonetech team is ready to offer Yahoo! Mail customer support for any problems.

Some Important Yahoo Mail Issues & Its Quick Solutions

1. Fix login issues in your Yahoo mail account

There are some main reasons for sigin-in problems

  • Forgot mail login id
  • Forgot login password
  • Invalid id or password error
  • Got “first time signing in here?” error
  • Sign-in screen loops or reload

The Yahoo mail customer support help central team can help you to fix these issues.


2. How You Can Recover Your Forgotten YAHOO Mail password in 2019?

  1. Click on Difficulty signing in? or directly go to the Sign-in Helper.
  2. Now put your email or mobile number then click on continue.
  3. If you’ve access to the recovery email address or phone number, click “Yes, send me an Account Key”
  4. Depending on the option you’ve chosen, Yahoo will send an Account Key to your email or phone.
  5. Now Enter the account key & click on Verify
  6. Congratulations account recovered Successfully
  7. Now you can “Change password” or directly go to inbox by clicking on “Continue”

Tips: You should change the password, otherwise you have to perform above recovery steps everytime to access yahoo mail.


3. How to Reactivate a Deactivated Yahoo Account?

  1. Open Yahoo sign-in page.
  2. Login with your email id & password.
  3. Now you are in reactivation page.
  4. Choose any one reactivation option (with or without protection).
  5. Enter captcha code then click on “Reactivate my Yahoo! Mail”.
  6. Congrats! Your account is activated.


4. How You Can Access Deleted Yahoo Email?

As you’ve accidentally deleted Yahoo mails permanently from the trash folder, Yahoo mail help center experts will help you a huge extent to restore permanently deleted Yahoo mails.

  1. Login into Yahoo mail and submit a request to restore permanently deleted emails from trash folder.
  2. Opt for the option “Mail; Accidentally deleted messages” in Describe the problem
  3. Choose the option ‘8-12 hrs’ in the section “when you last saw the deleted messages”
  4. Enter the Yahoo Id as well as the email address you have access to
  5. Finally, create a request by filling the captcha code.


5. How to Fix Captcha Errors on Yahoo?

  1.  If Captcha is Unreadable:
  • Listen to the captcha characters by clicking the headphone icon
  • Click the refresh icon to fetch a new code.

      2. If Captcha Doesn’t Display:

  • Disable web browser extensions
  • Update Javascript in your device
  • Access Yahoo mail through another web browser


6. Yahoo Account Hacked? How Can I Recover it?

Following steps have to be followed for hacked Yahoo account recovery:

  1. Firstly Go! to Sign-in Helper.
  2. Provide your email address or mobile number.
  3. Receive the Yahoo account key on email/phone.
  4. Enter the account key in the box and get it verified.
  5. You can now create a new password for Yahoo account.


7. How to recover deleted yahoo account?

  1. Type the Yahoo mail login id in the required areas and click continue.
  2. Again click continue after entering the account password.
  3. Now enter the account key received through email/phone
  4. Press verify to recover the deleted Yahoo account.


8. How You Can Secure Yahoo Account from Hackers?

Here are the steps to secure your Yahoo account:

1. Add Recovery Email Address and Phone Number

  1. Navigate to account security.
  2. Add Recovery Email Address and phone number.
  3. Verify the same by entering the verification code.
  4. You’re all done.

2. Enable Two-Step Verification

  1. Move the toggle button next to two-step verification listed in account security.
  2. Provide the mobile number and receive the verification code.
  3. Enter verification code and click verify.
  4. The two-step verification feature is now enabled.

3. Setup Yahoo account key

  1. Click the button “See How it works”.
  2. Select the device where notification has to be received.
  3. Click “Send Me A Notification”.
  4. Tap ‘Approve’ icon as notification is received on the mobile App
  5. Now choose the option “Always use account key” on your web browser

Note: Now, no need to remember Yahoo password as you just need to confirm your phone number in case of device absence.


9. How to Unlock a locked Yahoo Mail Account?

Method 1: Through Yahoo Help Central

  1. Visit Yahoo help forum page.
  2. Find “You get an “Account Locked” message” & click on it.
  3. Now click on regain access immediately using the Sign-in Helper
  4. In Sign-in helper page enter your Yahoo mail address or Yahoo mobile number.
  5. Get the account key and verify it to gain access to Yahoo locked account.

(Note: The Yahoo account will get automatically unlocked after 12 days.)

Method 2: Accessing Different Yahoo Mail Servers

If you make invalid login attempts several times, Yahoo temporarily locks on your regional mail server for 12-24 hrs. So, you can access your locked account from different Yahoo mail servers.

Try any one of these regional servers:

Still, in case the problem persists, you can wait for a while to get it unlocked automatically.


10. Forgot Yahoo Id? – Recover it in 2 steps.

Method 1: Through Sign-in Helper

  1. Access sign-in helper and enter any active recovery option (email/phone)
  2. Click continue and you’ll be able to find Yahoo ID

Method 2: Through Registered Email Account

  1. Access your recovery email address provided during Yahoo sign-up
  2. Once done, Type Yahoo in the search box to bring all related emails upfront
  3. Check the oldest mail sent by Yahoo on the recovery mail address
  4. Open it and Yahoo id is visible therein.


11. How Can I Delete Permanently My Yahoo Mail Account?

  1. Open Yahoo account termination page on the web browser.
  2. Read the terms and conditions before giving your consent.
  3. Authenticate your ownership by entering the Yahoo login credentials.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate/delete Yahoo account.


12. What is a Secure Way to Yahoo Change Password?

As if you’re a new Yahoo user-facing problems related to email password change, the following steps unveiled by Yahoo mail Help center (Central) team will help you do the task in minutes.

  1. Login to Yahoo Mail and click Account Info >> Account Preferences.
  2. Now press account security tab in the left side-bar and click Change password.
  3. Now enter your login credentials to validate the account authenticity.
  4. Enter the new password twice and click the continue button.
  5. The message appears “Your password is changed successfully”.

13. How to activate 2-step verification for your yahoo account?

Implement the steps as revealed by Yahoo technical helpdesk team for your assistance:

  1. Access Yahoo mail and navigate to account security.
  2. Scroll down and move the toggle button next to the two-step verification feature.
  3. Enter the Yahoo phone number in the box and receive the verification code.
  4. Provide the same and enable the feature that protects the account from unauthorized access.


14. How to Setup Yahoo Account Key Instead a Password?

In case, you’re not aware how to setup Yahoo account key then the following steps as provided by Yahoo mail Customer support help desk can assist you in a better way.

  1. Under Setup Yahoo Account Key, click the button “See How it works”.
  2. Select the device as well as App where notification has to be received.
  3. Once done, click “Send Me A Notification”.
  4. As notification is received on the mobile App you selected, Tap ‘Approve’ icon.
  5. Now choose the option “Always use account key” on your web browser.
  6. Now no need to remember Yahoo password as you just need to confirm your phone number in case of device absence.


15. Unable to create a new account on Yahoo?

It’s quite easy to sign-up with Yahoo mail when the assistance is offered in the right direction. Yahoo technical help center team offering quality help will be quite fruitful for you.

  1. Go to Yahoo Sign-up page.
  2. Provide mandatory details like first & last name, phone number, desired Yahoo login id and password, date of birth & gender.
  3. Click Continue >Text Me An Account Key.
  4. Enter the account key received on your mobile to verify the phone number.
  5. Once the phone number is verified, you’ll receive a success message.


16. How to Deactivate or Delete Yahoo Account in 4 Step?

With the help of steps provided by Yahoo mail technical customer helpdesk team, you can easily deactivate or delete/terminate/close your Yahoo mail account on a temporary or permanent basis.

  1. Open Yahoo account termination page only on the desktop/mobile web browser
  2. Read the terms and conditions before giving your assent
  3. Authenticate your ownership by entering the Yahoo login credentials.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to deactivate/delete Yahoo account

(Note: Yahoo account remains in the deactivated mode for the next 30 days once the termination process is executed. You can recover the deleted Yahoo mail account within the allotted time period after which you’ll lose your email account permanently.)

Do note when you recover the deleted or deactivated Yahoo account, all your folders such as inbox, sent, draft and custom folders will be empty as any of your stored emails and the draft messages will not be visible. Therefore it is recommended to take a backup of your Yahoo mail account before looking to delete or deactivate the same.


17. Getting Sending Yahoo mail Error?

  1. Check if you’ve mistyped the recipient’s email address. If yes, then rectify it
  2. The attached files size is beyond the specified limit. Remove the attachment
  3. Spammy content detected. It’s not allowed
  4. Yahoo mail server outage issues. Wait for a while and then try it again
  5. Slow internet connection can be the issue. Wait for a while or clear the device cache files


18. Getting Receiving Yahoo mail error?

  1. Please clean the inbox as space has reached the threshold limit.
  2. The sender’s email address has been blocked by mistake.
  3. Reply-to email address has some other mail address.
  4. Check if you’ve ticked the checkbox in Outlook “don’t leave a copy on mail server”
  5. Incoming emails are getting accumulated to spam/trash. Check the filters.


19. How You Can Block Banner ads on a Yahoo Account?

As far as you’re subscribed with free email services, ads will display on the inbox and nothing can be done except ignoring it. Once getting subscribed with mail plus subscription, you’are authorized to request for blocking banner ads in inbox interface.


20. How to delete my yahoo mail contact?

Method 1: Delete Yahoo contacts on the web browser

  1. Access Yahoo mail and click contact icon.
  2. Select one or more contacts listed on the screen.
  3. Click ‘bin’ icon to delete Yahoo mail contacts.

Method 2: Delete Yahoo contacts with Yahoo App on Android/iOs

  1. Navigate to contact details and tap More with three dot icon
  2. Now Tap edit to make changes
  3. Tap More icon and delete contact
  4. Save changes with a single tap on the back arrow icon


21. Why Yahoo mail not working on Your iPhone?

  1. Server outage issues. Wait for sometime and try again.
  2. Internet not working. Please check your Wifi connection.
  3. Yahoo App is not updated. Open the App store and do the needful.
  4. Mobile web browser not compatible with Yahoo mail. Update the same.


22. Can’t upload or download attachments from Yahoo mail?

  1. Internet connection is very slow. Please check.
  2. Incompatible web browser. Update the same.
  3. Attachment size is beyond the limit. Kep it up to 25 MB.
  4. Remove special characters before attaching the file.
  5. Don’t attach File formats with .exe, .bat, and .jar as they are suspicious files.


Case Study 1

Client Name: Albert Matthews (New York, United States ) | Technician Name: Mark Wilson


Albert Matthews forgot his Yahoo email password” as he did not log into account since the past few weeks. Though, he can access Y! Mail account on his mobile but not able to do the same on his laptop. The case study involves how our qualified professionals at Gonetech, help in regaining the access to Yahoo mail account with the recovery steps.

Problem Identification:

  • The inactivity disabled Yahoo email account
  • Web browser compatibility issue detected
  • Slow internet connection

Solution Offered:

As our experts have gained huge proficiency to help Yahoo users regain the account access even after forgetting the password, one amongst them named as Mark Wilson; was assigned the task to fix this issue.

  • Yahoo Mail Forgotten Password Recovery.
  • Updated web browser and enabled javascript.
  • Cleared device cache files.
  • Setup Yahoo account key feature.

How Our Expert Fixed the Problem?

  • Step 1: Mark (the senior technician) gave Albert (client) a quick call to get remote desktop access.
  • Step 2: Once the authorization was given, the technician told the customer to make an attempt to sign into yahoo account by turning off Caps lock and Num lock
  • Step 3: As Mark was completely assured that password has been forgotten, he opened sign-in helper.
  • Step 4: Then he asked Albert to type the recovery email address or phone number.
  • Step 5: The recovery detail did not work to regain Yahoo mail inbox access as account key could not be sent to the email address (Note: As the web browser was giving problems, Mark turned-on javascript on the desktop web browser upon updating the same as it was getting unresponsive. Other than this, cache files were also cleared from PC for optimum device performance.)
  • Step 6: Then the technician asked Albert to enter the recovery phone number for getting the account key instantly.
  • Step 7: Now the customer was asked to enter the account key as received on his phone device.
  • Step 8: The account key as received on the recovery phone number was entered and verified successfully.
  • Step 9: Albert was asked to enter the new password by clicking the button “Set new password”
  • Step 10: Now the client was able to access the Yahoo mail account again with the new password.
  • Step 11: Mark also setup Yahoo account key feature as per request by the client to access inbox freely without the password.
  • Step 12: The technician also removed the disabled email address from recovery options and added a new one as provided by Albert.

The Closing Notes by Mark

  • The device web browser was updated
  • Javascript was enabled to make web browser responsive
  • The password was recovered successfully
  • Yahoo account setup feature enabled successfully

Case Study 2

 Client Name: Mickey Rhodes (Toronto, Canada) | Technician Name: Patrick Cremar


This case study is all about recovering permanently deleted Yahoo emails of one of our reputed client named as Mickey Rhodes by our tech guy Patrick Cremar.

Problem Identification

  • Yahoo mails were deleted from trash folder couple of weeks back
  • Browser Outdated – Update Required
  • Firewall not allowing Yahoo mail access.

Solution Offered

  • The browser was updated and Firewall was turned off before recovery of deleted emails
  • Only able to recover Yahoo emails deleted within 7 days were recovered

How We Assisted Mickey Rhodes

  • Step 1. Our technician Patrick Cremar assisted client over the phone as well as fixed her problem through remote device access.
  • Step 2. As per the case notes, important emails were deleted accidentally by Mickey (Client). So we looked ahead to recover deleted emails
  • Step 3. The outdated browser and firewall issues kept troubling us. So we fixed these first by updating the former and turning off the device security
  • Step 4. As it was only possible to recover deleted emails for the last 7 days, we told Mickey and he told us to get it done whatever possible to avoid data loss.
  • Step 5. Then the path was quite easy and we followed the process of recovering deleted Yahoo mails.
  • Step 6. When the procedure was completed, we told Mickey to access the email address which was provided in the request form.
  • Step 7. Therein an email was received by Yahoo asking for verification. We did this for her as well.
  • Step 8. After 2-3 days when deleted emails were restored back in the trash folder of Yahoo mail, we selected those emails & moved those to a new folder to avoid loss.
  • Step 9. Complete email backup of Yahoo account was taken on her Mac mail app.

Case completed on a positive note

  • The client was really happy and thanked us wholeheartedly.
  • She was now able to see the deleted messages back in her email.
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